Recovering from an injury- My New PT

It’s now been 7 months since I had surgery and broke my hip. Does not seem that long, in fact it seems too short. I still have incredible pain some days, but nothing like before and it’s being managed as much as it can. Yoga has been my top recovery PT in which I do daily, then when I could finally walk which was just in March that was added to daily workouts. The last few weeks I added a new workout and therapy which was the bike!

I pack the kids up and head out to the track everyday after dinner to do laps on the bike and we all benefit. The kids are busy in the infield playing and I not only get my PT done but I get a sense of some peace and quiet without the kids in my face. It’s a win -win .

Not easy that’s for sure. It works the hip and leg muscles far more than walking and it’s required an intense amount of fall backs as far as pain. Through the pain though and of course rest when needed it’s given me some new strengths. I like being able to go fast again. Used to run everyday, and I am not able to do that , won’t be able to for awhile so the bike has given me some speed back in which I crave. It’s very challenging to go slow with things. From a multi tasker to someone who is told to take it easy at every turn, it’s hard. Recovery is not just physically challenging it’s mentally challenging and if you’ve ever been injured enough to have to cut way back on your daily activities you know what it feels like. Sitting still doesn’t happen with me, I’m always doing something. So for nearly five months I was on crutches, not able to drive, not able to just simply get up and walk. Being told “you cannot do this” was daily and it got to me. Still gets to me, so to be able to bike and get to go fast or do a few miles is something that’s put a nice shine back into my life. It makes the wait for the day I am told I can run again a little easier to face. 🙂

Do you and your family get out and exercise together? Or do you step out by yourself and enjoy some time to yourself?

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