The Phone Issue

We have lived in this house for more than five years and never not had an issue with our phone. It’s been so frustrating. Rain getting the lines wet, it cuts us off. Static on the line, buzzing, echoing and here lately, just no phone at all! Yup, haven’t had a phone working for over a week.  Our provider is AT&T and while I love my cell phone service even TV from them the land line is and has been nearly useless to us. There has always been trouble with it, people come out here to fix it then weeks later we have more trouble.
Now I know weather messing up the lines, and sure it can be really problematic. Never knew anyone with so many issues with a single line.
 Whatever it is, I do wish they could fix it, and have it keep working. Having my DSL drop me every five minutes is annoying. Having static on the phone while making a long distance call is frustrating. The customer service has rocked , polite, helpful, yet the problem always comes back. 🙁 Now before I end this, I will mention that before we called them we did check the line. Made sure it was not a problem on our end of the line, and it’s not. There’s isn’t even a tone coming into the phone box, so it’s all on their end.  Which is even possibly more frustrating since they’ve been out here already to fix this.

I am truly hopeful that our phone troubles finally end this week. I am waiting for the company to send someone out here and help us out. Possibly end the problem all together? Wishful thinking I’m thinking considering this has been 5+ years now of issues never going away.

I’ll update hopefully if things are fixed, otherwise if I end up going missing on the blog here lately- You will know it’s a phone issue…


One thought on “The Phone Issue

  1. Mellissa Hanks

    Ridiculous, as a fellow blogger I couldn't imagine the frustration of not being able to do what I do. The occasional issues are bound to happen but for it to go on this long without being resolved is just not acceptable! I really hope they are not charging you for all this service you are not receiving!

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