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I warn you now, the site is addicting! is a new ground breaking social network that brings people together with interests they share. It pretty much puts Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram together in one fabulous place where people who share the same interest as you can come together. You can share advice, ask for tips, learn some new tricks and share what you know on certain topics with other’s that share the same enthusiasm.  I was recently invited to join up to and see what I thought about it- this site is free and I was in no way shape or form paid for this review. This jumped out at me because I have a huge passion for my hobbies and wanted to share with you all.

A little about the site-

There are a couple different communities to choose from, Gardening ( now you see why I’m hooked to the site!)  Cooking <– who can resist that? Photography,  Autism and a new Fashion category . Within each community you have special areas for specific topics. I’m pretty much stuck in all of them as of now.

Because the Binteo communities are specialized with people seeking specific topics, you don’t have to worry about bothering people by posting picture after pictures ( think of your Facebook page being flooded by pictures you just uploaded) Here you have people who are after the same thing you are, sharing the love for you’re hobby! 
 You can talk about what you’re making dinner or get some tips on bugs taking over the garden in real time. Share your photographs and get some feedback as far as lighting, or composition  I get real time feedback on how to make my pictures better and I love it! I’m an artist at heart so being able to have fellow photographers leave me feedback to help feed my passion is just want I’m after. 
One fallback though about the site is it seems to go offline a bit, and or while I’m trying to comment. I am pretty certain this is because it’s a new site and they are smoothing out the edges still. It’s a wonderful work in progress and I truly look forward to watching it grow. I’ve met some wonderful people there already and I love how the site isn’t about who you know but what you do know and can share. The idea behind it is much more rewarding than other sites strictly to share a photograph.
Here is a video that tells you more 

Check out Binteo today!  If you happen to join, you can look me up , @motherbugs

8 thoughts on “Binteo- New Social Network

  1. Sasha Cory

    Seriously, this sounds fun. I get overwhelmed when I see new social networks but I really like the look and sound of this one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous

    Very cool! I hope they add more categories soon…..I would love to other categories I'm into like dogs, scuba diving, and fitness.

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