Delivery Man

 Vince Vaughn stars in Delivery Man which hits the theaters November 22 of this year. The movie is about an ordinary man finding out he is the father of 533 children due to a mix up at the fertility clinic. Not so ordinary anymore is he!  It takes the meaning of family to a whole new level- 
The story unfolds on these kids wanting to find out who their father is and at the same time David Wozniak played by Vaughn finds himself wanting to know who they all are. He starts finding them and struggles with the thought of what to do? What would anyone do in their position frankly that’s not an easy place to be in. 

What does he do? He becomes their supporter, helping them along their way in varies of ways finding his own purpose and a new balance in his life that seemed to be pretty empty. 
Want to get a sneak peak of the trailer? Take a look ! 
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