Had enough seed posts yet? I warned you about them, and true to word I’ll have plenty more coming your way. Today it’s about Feverfew – A wonderful medical herb to have handy. Used in infusions it can help ward off migraines. they leaves taste a little bitter so don’t eat more than about 4 a day if you nibble on it.

Something to keep in mind with Feverfew is Bees dislike the pollen so you should really keep this plant away from anything that needs to have bees pollinate it a good twenty to thirty feet will do or just plant flowers around them that don’t bloom at the same time.
 Feverfew also sows itself easily on it’s own so if you don’t want more of it popping up in the garden you best pick the spent flowers before it sprinkles all over the ground.
Perfecting full sun it will tolerate shade. The seeds are easy to collect .

Most flowers once the petals fall off you will automatically see the seeds, not the case with Feverfew.

Once the petals have died off you will find the flower turning a brownish yellow color, the center of this flower holds the carpels, which is stigmata and styles. Along those are the stamens, you brush them off and underneath are the seeds. you’ll collect in a jar or bag and keep in a cool dry place. 
Easy to grow high yields and pretty flowers will brighten up any garden. it does not like soggy soils, and it will die back in the winter. If you want to use the flowers for dried arrangements simply hand stems upside down and let it air dry. 

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