Fitbit Zip Review

Keeping up with your fitness this summer? Looking for something to help monitor and keep a better eye on how you are progressing? Well Radio Shack can help you out.
 I have for the last few weeks been reviewing the Fitbit Zip  the last few weeks , or so my husband has been.

This small Fitbit fits and clips on your clothes, best places are your pants pocket and or even on your bra to best keep track of your activity.

 The wireless tracker tracks your steps, distance and calories burned. Easily syncs to your computer or even selective smartphones. The zip comes with a battery of its own and you can easily replace it. It’s also sweat , rain and splash proof so don’t worry about it getting a little wet during your work out.
My husband wore this FitBit to better keep track of how he’s during each day. His first week looked like this

Tracking your workout progress has never been easier with the Zip. Log in your daily meals to keep track of calories you take in verses what you’ve burned and see the difference. Check out how close you are to your step goal for the day or see your highest activity level each day. The Zip does not log your sleep but you can add that in yourself. Add in other things like your blood pressure, heart rate, even your glucose. My husband is diabetic so this feature comes in handy. You can also view weekly, or monthly graphs that show you how well you’ve done over a certain amount of time. Tracking weight? Add that in as well and track how well you are reaching your goal!

Collect badges for each major milestone you reach, your first 5,000 steps, or 10,000! Each time you login to your Fitbit you can also team up with friends, encouraging each other and join groups for even more support.

Thinking about tracking your workouts? I highly recommend checking out Fitbit Zip along with all the other tracker Fitbit Offers, also stay tuned for the Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Review which goes along with the Fitbit. Syncing the HRM is as easy as using your phone and logging into Fitbit as well, you can monitor your heart rate for each activity not to mention also distance !

You can pick up a Fitbit Zip at Radio Shack for $59.00. They also have many other trackers to choose from so be sure to check them all out and get moving today!

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  1. Catherine L.

    I love that it tracks your steps, distance, calories burned and looks easy to use. I've been looking for something like this so I'll definitely check it out.

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