Fitness review- BodyMedia

Trying to stay fit and track your progress? BodyMedia can help you with just that!

What is the BodyMedia ?
 It is an armband that tracks your all day activity in whatever you are doing, as well as your sleeping habits that gives you real time accurate readings throughout your day. It’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t ever get in the way. 
I can wear it throughout most yoga workouts. 
 With sensor readings that collect data every minute it gives you the best accurate reading for your activity level throughout a day for whatever you are doing. Keeping track of your activity has never been more easier with this system.
How it works – 
Once you get the system you will charge it, simply by plugging it into the computer with a cord that is given to you. While it charges you can fill out your information-  height , weight, and the normal time you go to bed and wake up. You set a base line for what the system will use while it tracks your progress. 
 Set up your goals! I set mine for Very Active which fit me best for my recovery. 
Each day you log in your meals and it will calculate the calories you’ve taken in as well as the nutritional break down which is important to keep an eye on. You can set it up to track different areas here is an example of  what you can track
Once all the information is filled you and the band is charged you start to track the day. Plug the band in once a day to update the readings. I do it each morning and then log in my food at night.
After you log in your food you will be given a graph of it’s breakdown. You will know where all your nutrition and or lack there of it is coming from. By logging in your food the BodyMedia is also able to track how much calories you’ve burned as well throughout the day. If you are trying to lose weight you , gain and or maintain your weight you can easily see if you are on track. 
Here is what the dashboard looks like. 
You get the run down of your day, listing the target then the actual . I ate a ton of fruit and vegetables that day plus chicken fried steak,  I never reach my calorie intake though but it isn’t something I worry about.  As long as I am not hungry it’s not an issue in my opinion, use this as you will as a guideline of course. 
Here is a range of my activity over a course a couple weeks. 
The red line is the goal, so over time days, a week or a month you can see if you’ve reached your goals or not and strive for better! Forgot to wear it July 4th and some days I had to take it off for half a day that’s why there are low days. 
 I like the break down of activity is, there are steps then activity which I have found is very accurate. I ride my bike, then do yoga, so while my steps are short during a yoga hour my activity level is high. Same with steps for biking, my activity is through the roof. The sleep is accurate as well, and it’s given me a glimpse into how little sleep I get everyday. Nothing I can do to prevent that though ( pain is pain!)
Are you striving for getting more active? Want to track your progress and workouts? BodyMedia is truly a great fitness side kick to help you reach your goals. Whatever your activity level, manage your goals, gain personal bests and watch your progress grow. 
There are deals right now you should check out so don’t miss out! Apps for your phone are also helpful. There are programs like – MyFitnesspal,  The Biggest Loser, Spark People and more! 
I received the following product(s) to review. I was not required to write a positive review no other monetary compensation was given . Any and all opinions are my own,  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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  1. Mellissa Hanks

    I want one of these they are so cool! I have another band now but you cannot get the readouts like this and it is not nearly as accurate as yours seems 🙂

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