New Project- Shelves for the Birthday Girl

My daughter had a birthday this week, she turned 8!  She’s a book lover and I had an idea to get all the books off the top of her dresser. Sort of clean it up and let her have her own space. My girls share a room so each one needs their own space.

My idea was to build a shelf but with some cubbies so she could put other things besides her books away neatly. All it took was a quick design on paper and asking for a certain dimension and my husband went right to work on it!

Here it is from start to finish

This will be the side, I kept changing the sweep of the curve, thank goodness for erasers! 

Right before it was sanded and painted! 

Used RoomMates wall stickers which are perfect for kids rooms! 
She loves the shelf! We are in the process of making another shelf just like this so our middle daughter can have her own as well above her bed!  Stay tuned for that project! 
What’s happening in your project world? 

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