Temporal Artery Thermometer Review

As a parent seeing your child sick is not easy, and we want
to do everything and anything to make them feel better. While trying to make
them feel better we are also faced with a few back falls, the trouble of convincing
them to take their medicine, or trying to take their temperature. I know when
my kids don’t feel well, holding still to let me check their temperature is
something that is not welcomed by the sick child , up until now anyways.

I recently reviewed a wonderful tool that is a must for
every parent, the Temporal Artery Thermometer by Exergen.
No waiting nearly three minutes
to hold a thermometer under their tongue, no more hassling with sore ears and
worrying if you held an ear thermometer correctly for it to read right, The Temporal
Artery Thermometer is a quick slide along the forehead and you are done.

My daughter happy to test it out! 

I love this thing, seriously only takes seconds to get a

 Wish I had this when my kids were younger, a baby is the hardest one
to take a reading with so this really is a must to have on hand.

Directions are easy, press and hold the button, then lightly
scan over the forehead before letting the button go. You will get an accurate
reading every time. I used it up against the ear thermometer we have, but
apparently three out of five times I didn’t hold it in the ear enough or my
kids moved because they don’t ‘like things in their ears. Well who would?  Forget me trying to get a reading with a normal
oral thermometer with the kids. They would not have that and frankly they’ve
chewed on it so much I don’t know if it will even work. I think one of the best
things that come out of this, you can take this reading whether they are asleep
or awake and they barely even know you’re doing it!

I highly recommend the Exergen Temporal
Artery Thermometer. Take the guess work and hassle out of trying to take an
accurate reading when someone’s not feeling well.

Check out Exergen http://www.exergen.com/ . You can pick up one at a number of stores, including Walgreens, Toys R Us , Babies R Us and Walmart. For a full list, use the link above to see where you can find it!

I received a product to review. I was not required to write a positive review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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