Will it work…?

Couple years ago I came up with an idea to use a dead tree as a perfect trellis for the beans, it was already in the yard, too much work to get it out and beans only need to go up so why not right? It worked and I have since kept growing the beans there. It’s only two feet worth of planting area against the base and then straight up to the sky! Worked perfectly.

Today going through the garden I have these very tall leafy branches throughout the garden, they make pretty tiny white and purple flowers so I hate to pull them out. Right in the center of the garden though I have the framework for the cold frame that we keep up. My idea that may or may not work is if I wrap the branches around this frame, will they blossom? Will it work?

 I also wrapped it around the tomato cages.

We shall see if it works!    Anything happening in your garden?

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