Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor 2 Review

Radio Shack is making it easy for you to keep track of your fitness once again with the Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor .

This can be used stand alone but can be used along with your Fitbit you may be using. Simply sync it up and make sure it logs in while you are using it so the activity is being recorded.

How the Heart Rate monitor is used-

 The Sports Tracker HRM keeps track of your heart rate during training helping you train more efficiently and helps you train smarter while you reach your goals easier. The Monitor is the first bluetooth heart rate monitor that supports  iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, Android, Nokia Symbian and Nokia N9. No dongles or extra accessories needed which is a plus. Some monitors usually always require somehow plugin- in which actaully slows you down, this way you can keep on the move and just stay active while at the same time seeing results .

Real time measurements are recorded once you start to “record” your activity.  Say you are riding your bike, simply select cycling then hit start. It will then start recording not only your heart rate but your distant and speed. Before you start your activity though, upon getting the monitor you need to set up. This is simple, all you do is download app which is free, then attach the monitor. It fits on a strap that you wrap around your chest making sure  the two back contacts are touching skin. It’s as simple as that. You could wear it all day, but I have only worn it during workouts so far. The Sports Tracker App itself may be used without the monitor and that itself records, distance time and speed. The Monitor is just for recording the heart rate. Make sure you always hit end, to stop your workout then his save and sync. This way you may look back on your workout logs!

The charger is included so no need to buy any extra accessories. The strap itself is soft, and is not bothersome mostly comfortable and can be rinsed if needed.
 I love how this is hooked up to my phone and gives you real time information. It’s easy , quick and simple making it easier to reach your workout goals. You can share your progress with friends for encouragement and even brag a little about how well you are doing. Get up, get fit and get healthy with the Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor 2.

Pick one up at Radio Shack for $71.99
Download the app right here

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11 thoughts on “Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor 2 Review

  1. CrazyMom

    What a great product, i soo have to show this to my Co-worker she has been complaining that she needs a heart rate monitor but can't find anything that really works well… this sure sounds like a great product, so I will forward the post to her. Thanks for sharing, so glad I found it.

  2. Daisy B

    I would love to try this. I've been slow about working out in summer because it is so hot, but now it is cooling off a little and I'm ramping up. This would be good for me to use.

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