The Lunch Box Challenge!

School is back!  My kids went to school just yesterday and already that battle of “What’s for Lunch” has hit.
Let’s face it making the same old peanut butter jelly sandwiches with a side of the same fruit, same crackers can get a little boring for the kids. Kids are energetic , funny and cute as can be, they also want variety so why not spruce up the same old lunch this year and get them excited about opening the lunch box? No more simple brown bagging it, I am going to help you and the kids put some fun back into lunch with the-  Lunch Box Challenge!

A wonderful friend came up with this idea and I have no idea why I haven’t thought about it before, after all I do a Recipe Challenge once even twice now a year so why not one that we are battling with right now? The challenge won’t start till September 1st, just like all my other challenges I will be posting daily with new exciting for the entire month. The recipes will consist of the following

  • Sandwiches- Wraps, Rolls , Roll-Ups
  • Salads
  • Treats – this will be healthy and homemade treats not anything too sweet. 
  • Sides which would be fruit and vegetables and dips to enjoy them with.

 I will include some treats/sweets that would also make a great afternoon snack and give ideas on how to use dinner leftovers into a lunch box meal your child will love! I will share tips on kee

Have your own favorite lunch box food the kids love? Want to submit it and see it on the blog? Simply email me at .  All recipes sent will be credited to sender , please include your source so it is properly listed. 

Have questions or comments? Suggestions you would like to see for this Challenge? Comment below or email me! 

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