The Sonoma County Fair

If you are anywhere near Santa Rosa California,  you best get yourself and your family over to the Sonoma County Fair! 77th Annual Fair theme is ” Home Spun Fun”  and it is happening right now! A total of sixteen
fun filled days that you cannot miss.

Must see attractions for you and the family-  Have young ones that you don’t want to hear the “why can’t I ride this!??”  question fifty times? Not a problem. Sonoma County Fair as a Tiny Town area which has kids approved ( and parent approved)  rides and games. This area gives the younger kids ( 10 and under is the best age range)  the best fun because they mimic the adult rides further into the park. You’ve got the Ferris wheel, bumper cars, the amazing bumpy slide and a roller coaster that the kids can handle. My four  kids range from 4 years up to 11 years so this area rocked and the kids loved it.

As you are passing out of Tiny Town drop by the Hall of Flowers and the Garden building.
 If I could, ( I would too) I’d stay there just to stare and wish upon a million stars that the displays were my very own garden. Take a look

This is one of so many so get down here, check them out! 

Other attractions to hit up with the kids throughout the fair are a must, one of them being the petting zoo! The animals walk right up to you, and literally beg for attention . This one goat wanted to eat my camera, either that or he wanted to kiss me. Not sure on that, either way he liked me.

 There are llama’s , ducks, goats, deer , a baby kangaroo baby cute pigs and that one donkey – watch out he’s a crowd charmer. 

Need a break? Not a problem, head towards the Mexican Village.  This area is one of the best corner stone places for food and drinks, there’s plenty of places to rest in shade to eat and you get some live music. Right between the Kraft building and Garrett Building is the Blues and Brews, that would be live blues music and beer with plenty of seats to sit on down. Ok so the beer isn’t for kids ( of course!)  But the music rocks and the family can take a break .

 While you are in the area you must head in the pavilions, the Kraft Hall is full of amazing art, paintings, drawings, photographs. Inspiring at it’s best, the attached building ( Garrett)  Is also filled with handmade Crafts.

 The kids enjoy looking at them all. We got to check out the wool that was sheared from the sheep we went to see earlier that week. ( We missed the shearing contest this year!)

Barn Animals, come on do not skip looking at those beautiful cows and other animals, all the barn animals are right near the Racing Grandstand. Judging is over in the barns so go see which animal took home the blue ribbon, most the folks that raised them are still hanging out so the kids can ask questions. Who knows, you may have a born to be farmer on your hands. While you are near the barns you can’t skip the next stop-

Daily Horse Racing! ( I’m shouting this as I never miss a race!)  I suggest picking up a program first thing as you get in the fair this way you can walk around between races.

 Parking really is not a hassle we were in and parked in under 3 minutes, easy walk into the fair from parking lot.  Tickets for rides are easy to find. Information booths are scattered around and plenty for everyone to do! Come on what are you waiting for? Join the fun!

Check back later this weekend to see more of what’s happening at the fair!

Thinking of coming to the fair? Information/ Links

Check out the Daily Schedule link here which can list games, contests, live shows, livestock auctions, race track information and more.

 Fair days & Hours – July 25 – August 11, closed on Mondays
Gates open daily 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Carnival open daily 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Exhibit buildings open 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Click here for location

Ticket Pricing
General admission $10 ages 13 & up
Children $5 ages 7 – 12
Ages 6 & younger FREE!
Ages 7 – 12 FREE on Fridays ( Do not miss Fridays!)
Seniors 60 & up free on Thursdays

11 thoughts on “The Sonoma County Fair

  1. Patricia Woolverton

    I love the fair. In Florida where we live we get the fair every year and its huge!! I love going on ring of fire but it scares me every time I go on it because I always worry about fair rides. It is always a fun time though!

  2. Kristyn

    oh what a fun fair to attend! i use to love going to the fair and often entered the barrel racing competitions at our local fair.

  3. Alaina Bullock

    This looks like so much fin! We have county fairs around here a lot, but it has been quite awhile since I have gone. After reading this, I really want to go! You can always find the most unusual things there, and have so much fun, too!

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