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The Last Oracle is the final book in The Sibylline Trilogy, by Delia J. Colvin. I actaully just got the last installment of this series about four days ago, and dove into it without fail. I’ve fallen into Delia’s tale of some wonderful Greek mythology twisted with a splash of modern tale and eternal love. I had the amazing opportunity to read the three books and am proud to share it with you.

THE SIBYLLINE TRILOGY – a love more enduring than life…than death…than destiny.

Quick Review of the Series by Book- 
The Sibylline Oracle Book 1 of The Sibylline Trilogy
Can love defy time? 
When she’s rescued by handsome Alex Morgan, Valeria
thinks she’s found her happy ending. But Alex knows the terrifying truth…time
is running out! And unless they can discover the source of an ancient
curse, fate will take her life…again. Greek Mythology and modern romance
intertwine in this addictive trilogy.
THE SIBYLLINE TRILOGY – a love more enduring than life…than death…than destiny.
The Symbolon Book 2 of The Sibylline Trilogy
Can love defy fate? 
The Symbolon, is the passionate second novel of The Sibylline Trilogy that weaves Greek mythology with a modern tale of eternal love!
For 3000 years, Alex has dreamed of a life with his symbolon, his mortal soul mate. But when they approach the ancient council of immortals for approval of their marriage, they discover that sinister forces object to their union. Soon, they are faced with terrifying threats, including a devastating separation that neither may survive.
The Last Oracle Review 
I will admit that in most series of books I tend to get a little bored with it by the ending. That last book somehow always seems to be a one of those summarized quick rushed “get it over with” kind of books, yet the Last Oracle was nothing like that. It wrapped up the trilogy yet was strong as a stand a long book all at once. It’s not often seen , and it took me by surprise. Delia did a fantastic job with this series and I am looking forward to many more books from her in the future. 
I’ve always been one to love Greek Mythology so this series grabbed me from the get go. Val and Alex are destined to be together yet fate seems to have kept them apart for thousands of years. Seeming to cross all the twists and turns through the story you think there may be no end in sight. Throughout the course you are questioning everything you knew and want , past present and future. Who do you trust? What path do you take? Which will lead you to what you want, what you need? It’s tangled complications leaving you wondering what’s around the corner and what will happen. Hard to put down because you just want to know how it ends! 
Check out this quick video and read more about the Arthur of the Trilogy Delia J. Colvin. Stay tuned as well for there’s a giveaway coming up with this book tour! I hope you all enjoy the books as much as I have.
About the Author
Delia J. Colvin is the Bestselling author of The Sibylline Trilogy; The Sibylline Oracle (Voted Goodreads #1 Best Book of June 2012), The Symbolon (Voted Goodreads #2 Best Book of November 2012) and newly released, The Last Oracle. She authors a popular blog and is listed as a contributor in two business books.

While developing her skill as an author, Delia worked in a variety of occupations from marketing to entrepreneur, Air Traffic Controller and Russian Interpreter. But her passion is in writing and helping people. Delia has donated both time and money to literacy programs around the country.
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