Lunch Box Challenge Day 14: Shaken Bean Salad

Shake up a lunch with a super easy bean salad! It’s not only quick but easy and you can play around with all the seasonings too. I have a habit of never repeating the same recipe twice. Always tweaking, always playing with seasonings, it does get a little tricky when I don’t measure anything. That happens more often than not. Many of my recipes ended up being what they are today simply by me throwing things together which is the way this recipe came to the table. I was in a rush, the kids were starving and I had only a few things on hand. Little toss here, chopping up over here shaking it together and whoosh – a bean salad that can be used as a side or part of lunch. 
Shaken Bean Salad

2 1/2 cups white beans drained and rinsed ( you will soak the beans the night before hand unless you have canned white beans. ) The morning of simply rinse and put into a ziplock bag
1 large bell peppers chopped
2 large tomatoes cubed
1 small white onion
3 stalks asparagus cut up to small pieces
1 cucumber peeled and chopped
1 bunch fresh parsley
Juice of one lemon
1/4 cup white vinegar
1/2 teaspoon cumin
2 T olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

You must follow directions carefully! Pay attention, don’t skip a beat now. Take the bag of beans and open it, don’t strain yourself with this step, take it easy you have a mighty big step coming up and you need your energy. Take the other ingredients and dump them into the bag. Seal the bag up and prepare to move. Yes move, now shake it. Shake it up, toss it around, shake it to the left, shake it to the right. Now open the bag ( don’t be shaking while you open it)  Pour the bean salad into a serving bowl or container.
 It has been done, you have created Shaken Bean Salad! Now make a lunch.

You can skip making a sandwich in this lunch box, gather some fruit and vegetables. Bag them, container them and get a move on!

Today’s Lunch Box Tip: Vary your lunch box menus. We as adults don’t like the same thing everyday, kids don’t either. They will get bored and stop eating, which leads to them being hungry during the school day. Not sure what to use? Make a menu for the lunch box! Write down ideas of sandwiches, snacks, fruits and vegetables and keep it mixed up. Expand their palate , introduce new foods at home and play around with leftovers. Shake it up with different foods, bagged lunches do not need to be boring!

26 thoughts on “Lunch Box Challenge Day 14: Shaken Bean Salad

  1. Casey Lindberg-Coghill

    I'm always looking for vegetarian recipes to enjoy at lunch, and I've been at a loss for new ideas lately. I agree with you whole-heartedly that we as adults should try new things, too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pam

    This salad looks delicious. I love these type of salads with the cucumbers and vinegar. I do think that variety is what keeps kids interested in wanting to take a healthy lunch and eating it.

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