Lunch Box Challenge Day 19: Fruit it up Bars

I’m always on the look out for any granola or fruit bar recipes. They are really easy to make, healthier than what you pick up at the store and just all around fun to make. Another great aspect for making your own is you get the play with the flavors. Add in what you like, take out what you don’t want. I call them mix and match bars, really though how it ends up is “Use what I have on Hand” which are a hit and miss at times. Today’s started to be one thing and my third batch came out the best. Each one had a different ingredients but the applesauce , dates and sunflowers won out.
Fruit it up with today’s lunch! 

Applesauce Fruit bars

10 dates pitted –  I used 5 fat dried dates and 5 big  dried apricots
1 cup almonds or sunflowers seeds
1 cup walnuts or pecans
1/4 cup plus 1 Tablespoon applesauce
1 tsp cinnamon
*For the nuts, I have used both versions today, this though pictures was done with pecans and sunflower seeds. So use what you have on hand

Using a food processor , mix nuts into a fine powder. Add in the dried fruit, applesauce and dates till the sticky stuff forms a large glob of dough. Using a 8×8 baking pan line it with parchment paper and make sure the edges are covered. Spoon sticky fruity mixture into the pan and smash the glob flat. It’s best to use another sheet of parchment paper cause it’s sticky. Get it as even and flat as possible, no lump bars people! Stick it on in the fridge for a few hours. It will firm up. When ready to pack lunches or eat simple pull out and cut on the paper.
When serving they can be slightly sticky, the dried fruit tends to be like that but it’s not messy, just slightly sticky.

I served this with broccoli cut zucchini for vegetables and grapes and apples along with a turkey guacamole spinach wrap.

Today’s lunch Box Tip- Either place napkins or wet ones in the lunch box. Simple thing to remember right? Well items like a BBQ meatloaf sandwich requires something tough to wipe up those BBQ fingers and lips, wet ones work better. Something like a simple sandwich wrap and finger vegetables or fruits doesn’t need much at all- a napkin would do.
 Kids are already rushing to eat, and get to play with their friends and if they can’t get their lunch off their faces or hands guess where it gets wiped? Their clothes, so really-  take the time to pick up wet ones. I usually place at least three in a zip lock bag and place it into their lunch bag. Or if the kids are responsible to bring back the small travel pack, just leave it in the lunch bag and they use it when needed.

32 thoughts on “Lunch Box Challenge Day 19: Fruit it up Bars

  1. Cindi Thornton

    I love this recipe! I run a small in home childcare, as well as being a grandma and I also am always looking for tasty, healthy things to give the kiddos! I actually have a big bag of dried dates I want to use, so I may try it in this recipe and see how it turns out!

  2. Growing Up Madison

    Those fruit bars look delicious. I never even thought of making my own before. Not only would I be saving money but I know exactly what's in it as well making it even healthier for me. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Grandma Bonnie

    Oh my goodness your lunch box bars are perfect for my grandson. I wll be making these for his visit this week. I like your lunch box tip. That works with adults also. I put a few napkins in my hubbys lunch every day. He actually has mentioned that when I forget he has to use paper towels from work which he would prefer not to.

  4. Patricia Woolverton

    It is funny you mention the wet wipes to put in their lunch kit. I purchased some wet naps to put in my daughters lunch today and guess what? I completely forgot to add it! This lunch looks great. The applesauce bars look delicious.

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