Lunch Box Challenge Day 23: Pear It Up!

One of my daughters actaully came up with this sandwich, she put pears into her chicken salad and asked why not put it into a sandwich. Well I say, why not indeed!

Pear It Up

Pear Chicken Wrap uses left over chicken so be sure to not forget those leftovers! 

Ingredients for Wrap
Left over pieces of chicken- whether it was grilled, sears, baked fried. Each wrap takes about 1/4 cup of chicken
1 Pear Sliced thinly

To assemble the wrap. Lay down the tortilla and place arugula in the center leave the back 3 inches empty as you will fold this . Lay some sprouts down, then lay your two slices of pear down. Place chicken pieces on top . Top with Pear, sprinkle with cranberries To fold start at back, fold the back halfway over your ingredients. Then take one side fold in, and repeat the other side. For easier hold fold parchment paper over this and tape it into place.

I served this with Peas and Strawberries, and if your wondering why I keep serving peas it’s because my garden is exploding with peas. πŸ™‚

Today’s Lunch Box Tip: Try pairing up some fruits with meats in sandwiches. Fruit like pineapple or apples with pork create extra flavor and juice making the kids go for it more. Fruit within salads or sandwiches also creates an added crunch so it’s different for them to try.

Are there any fruit/meat combinations you like ?

24 thoughts on “Lunch Box Challenge Day 23: Pear It Up!

  1. Megan Chamberlin

    How funny that I'm really happy to have a "how to" for the wrap part, haha! I love pears, but it would not have occurred to me to to mix with chicken or cranberries! sounds refreshing!

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