Lunch Box Challenge Day 8: Origami Chicken Wraps with a side of Homework

You have Homework!  Yes you do, so grab a notebook, pen or pencil and listen up- I am giving YOU a Challenge and here it is.

 I want you to come back to this very post in one full week with an update if you are willing to try this.

Directions ( Do this with the family, sit down and discuss it)

  1. Pick a meal you are going to focus on, breakfast, lunch snack or dinner then jot it down
  2. Pick either main meal ( the bulk protein of the meal)or sides including fruit and vegetables, drink or dessert. Pick just one to focus on, jot this down.
  3. Grab a cookbook on hand or head to Pinterst ( careful it’s addicting) or Allrecipes is a great place to start ( you can even use my websites HINT HINT)  Start looking up the category you and the family picked. As you start to name off recipes, check ones that you have never tried before and set them aside. Get at least 10
  4. Look at the 10 recipes you have, narrow down to one trying to pick something you normally don’t cook, and may have a food you haven’t ever tried before. The point being is to pick something brand new. 
  5. Gather everyone up and head to the store for ingredients, involve them in the entire process from beginning to end including cooking and plating the food then setting the table. 
  6. Eat the food! As you are enjoy the dinner,  ask what everyone liked and or disliked. Have them explain why it is they liked or disliked it. Ask this for everyone even the kids, adults you need to answer as well. Be honest. It’s not a contest, there’s no winner or loser ( ok the food wins or loses) Discuss it as a family. 
How did you all feel throughout the entire thing? Was it stressful? Was it a hassle? Was it fun? Did the family learn to like a new food? Are you wiling to try it again? What were the pro’s and con’s? If you find that your family enjoyed a new food and they liked getting involved why not make a day once a week or whenever you can to do it again? Mark it on the calender, set aside that time and follow through with it. If you really didn’t get anything out of it… Try it again. Go out of your comfort zone, get out of that box. Be willing to try something new. It can even be a drink, start small if you have too!
If you are up to the challenge, please come back here once you are done with the Challenge or send me an email at  I would love to share your story, even recipe that you tried. You take pictures? Send them my way, I’ll credit an entire post to you and your family for the accepted Challenge! 
Now for today’s Lunch Box Challenge!

Origami Chicken Wraps
4 skin on chicken thighs ( could be left overs!) trimmed
Kosher Salt
1 teaspoon cornstarch
1 tablespoon oil
4 Origami Wraps ( you can find them in health food stores or near the rice section in the store) 
1 cup prepared sushi rice
 3 tablespoons Thai Chili Sauce 
If you are using left over chicken skip this step
Sprinkle chicken with salt and let sit in fridge for two hours. Preheat oven . Place chicken on baking pan and cook for about 20 minutes turning halfway through till chicken is cooked and no longer pink inside. Let chicken cool completely set aside
Pull meat off the bone into a medium sized bowl. Peel off the back of the Origami wraps, there’s directions on the package on how to do it, it’s easy just be sure to do it carefully. Place shiny side down on cutting board. Wet your hands and take about 1/4 cup rice press in a thin layer across the wrap leaving the edges free of rice. Swipe some Thai chili cause along the bottom part of the rice. Lay 1/4 of the chicken over the rice you used the sauce. Swipe the boarders of the wrap which does not have rice on it with water evenly. Roll forwards either carefully with your hands or a sushi mat and let this sit for about a minute letting the seal take place. Repeated with the  remaining 4 wraps.  
I served this with Broccoli , Strawberries and Blueberries. 

Today’s Lunch Box Tip:  Make sure you wash all fruit and vegetables , scrubbing when needing and drying completely off before placing into the lunch containers. Make sure to remind the kids to wash their hands before and after they eat as well. 

I encourage you to try the Challenge 🙂

29 thoughts on “Lunch Box Challenge Day 8: Origami Chicken Wraps with a side of Homework

  1. Casey

    The title of this post definitely had me intrigued! 🙂 These chicken wraps look like big sushi rolls to me! My lunch is always thrown together sloppily, but this post is inspiring me to put some more care into my mid-day meal.

  2. Jenny

    Oh oh oh!! Make me some!! 😀 We've been making lunches like this for my son for the past couple school days and it's a lot easier to get him to actually eat (WHEN he actually eats). I love it~

  3. Pam

    I can't imagine a child not eating his lunch when he is taking this type of food to school. It just looks so good.

    It is just me and my husband and he is pretty set in his way in his old age ( don't tell him I said that, but I will see if I can get him to eat something different in the next week or so. 😉

  4. Dawn Bedingfield

    Another great lunch.
    As for your challenge. I am a food blogger and with the exception of MAYBE 20 times in the last 467 days I have cooked something different each time. I get ideas and inspiration from Pinterest and OLD fashioned cook books. Love it!


    My husband would be in heaven with your chicken wraps!! I need to try those for him.

    I had a goal at the beginning of the year to make a minimum of two NEW recipes a month for the entire year. I'm still on track! Yeah! lol. It has really helped us to branch out of our meal planning rut. I have another new recipe planned for this weekend too. The husband loves the variety. The kids..sometimes they like it. lol.

  6. kristenione

    What a cool challenge! As a food blogger I feel like I'm pretty much doing that challenge constantly but using what I find as inspiration for my own recipes. It will be fun to see those that take part! Your wraps look amazing but simple too! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Corinne Schmitt

    Haha! I had never heard of origami wrappers before so I thought you were going to somehow create an origami-type design out of a wrap! Love the idea for choosing a new recipe as a family. We're definitely going to try that and see if it helps get the kids on board with trying new things.

  8. Kyle Wiley

    That wrap looks delicious! And I love the idea of putting the fruit in the cupcake holders. Ill have to keep this in mind when preparing my son's school lunch

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