Crashes and Failures

This week has been pretty rotten, troubles with Google, spam and losing my page rank. I have attempted to set things right only to have my Laptop Hard-Drive fail on me. It’s not even a year old , and on top of that ( like it can get worse!) I haven’t backed up my files since about March. Yes shame on me for not doing it much more. It was thought that I had backed up since May but it’s not showing on my external hard drive.

It’s not the end of the world but months of work, writing pictures of my children and so forth, things I cannot put a cash value on . Priceless things , memories are ( maybe) gone. I have spent the better part of the day trying to look up ways to recover any data if I can off the hard drive. Chances are 50/50 , half of these posts say yes, the other half say screw it , it’s all gone!

Positive thinking and a little hope never hurt anyone so I won’t give up.

On a sad note though, due to losing my laptop HD I can no longer do the The Halloween Challenge, it has to end. The laptop was the only thing my camera hooked up into. My PC doesn’t run very well and it does not run my photo programs either so I must call it quits. 🙁  I may try to push on through but I highly doubt it. If there’s a chance of saving any data on the HD I can get the posts I had written up but until it’s looked at my hands are tied…

Thanks for sticking with me through the entire Lunch Box Challenge, and part of the Halloween Challenge. I will have another Challenge in February, and possibly another for Slow Cooker Meals as someone asked about that. 🙂

I’ll update when I can , Hope You all have a Wonderful Day/Week 😉

25 thoughts on “Crashes and Failures

    • Post author

      I am, and sadly this hasn't even been the worst of things that have happened this month. Just something that really crushes me. 🙁 Pictures I cannot get back. The only good thing about this is, it IS only 8 months of work and pictures. Not the end of the world, and I must advise you to back up back up NOW. Don't let this happen to you

    • Post author

      I have used Google drive/drop box for a few things like posts I didn't finish just yet. Not for backing up totally. I know there are picture companies ( Snapfish being one) that you can upload but I actaully ran out of room go figure at the beginning of the year.
      External hard drives are best, even USB drives, but the thing with that is <– they can fail too. As one of mine did

  1. Kay Adeola

    i always try to back things up as i found out the hard way by losing so much a couple of years ago it did not matter about work it was all the pictures i had,I have also lost my page rank as i just changed my domain name so not good lol.

  2. Sarah-Louise Bailey

    Oh no – I keep thinking I should get an external hard drive to keep everything safe and just never do it. Maybe I should make sure it's my next purchase. I hope things start getting better for you soon x


    I think I would be in tears! I have had some horrible computer issues lately as well and it just brings you near a breaking point when you lose so much work! Hoping and praying you can recover your lost data!

  4. Tough Cookie Mommy

    I'm so sorry you lost your page rank. It seems they are really getting strict about outgoing links on Google. I just got my internet access back this afternoon after being without it since yesterday so I understand your technological woes. I'm now backed up on posts and will probably not get much sleep before work tomorrow.

  5. MikiHope

    When it rains it pours–I'm so sorry you might have lost a lot. I also lost my PR ranking about 3 months ago I think. AND the reason several people can not comment on my site is that Google conned me into signing up with Chrome–it messed up my computer but good–I had to pay to get it fixed–NO MORE CHROME for me!!

  6. Bobbi Burleson

    I was just thinking this morning that I needed to find another way to back up my info. My external hard drive is a dinosaur but I am afraid of losing all of my blog info!! So sorry about your laptop 🙁

  7. Growing Up Madison

    I'm so sorry. I really enjoyed reading your posts. I had a bad experience just recently with my computer as well and had to take it in to the apple store. You would think I would learn my lesson, I still haven't backed up anything. Now you just convinced me that I really need to once again. I do hope you're able to recover your work.

  8. Anita Breeze

    I'm so sorry to hear this. Lately, I've been keeping all my photos on an external drive because we once had a laptop stolen and so many things were lost forever. Hope you recover quickly from this and just don't give up.

  9. StacieinAtlanta

    Ohhhh, this has happened to me and its simply devastating. Now we are in the world with "Clouds" and virtual back up places etc. I have learned that I have to back up and back up again. I cannot fathom losing my kids pictures! So sorry you are going through this.

  10. Cynthia Landrie

    Oh My Gosh, what a horrible thing to happen. I had a computer crash and learned the hard way to back up all of the time. I loved your lunch box challenge and look forward to you getting back!

  11. Slap Dash Mom

    Sending positive vibes your way. I recently had something similar happen – thousands of photos, posts, files, etc gone because I didn't back my computer up and it crashed. Sigh. I feel your pain. 🙁

  12. Melanie

    I totally know how you feel.. you need a (((HUG)))…. wish I could help you.. BUT you know what, an external hard rive may help you though; you can load programs on there and run like Photo programs from there for your pictures.. just an idea.. that's how I do it.. my actual PC is old but I run everything on the external drive, works like a charm and fast… I loved your Halloween challenge, sad to not see it continue, BUT totally understand and will still come over to visit… best of luck.. never give up

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