Halloween Challenge Day 6: Halloween Jars

 I know I’ve seen these Jars around Pinterest and wanted to post the ones I did last year. The idea was simple though, turn jars into some cute Halloween Crafts. All it took was Glue and Tissue paper.

What you need:
-Empty Jars (clean the label off the outside with hot water and dry completely) Any size would do bigger though is better.
-Tissue Paper and construction paper
-Paper bags or constructions paper to cover the table.
I’ve seen these Jars done with Paint too, but I went with the paper.
Directions :
*Have the kids cut out their patterns and or Pumpkin faces they want. Little kids will need help and you may want to cute faces or patterns out of construction paper so it won’t rip easily for them. I did mine in tissue paper and they ripped fast if you are not careful.
*Take your pieces and arrange them on the jars. Glue them in place and wait for them to dry or at least till they aren’t sliding around.
Next cover the jar with a thin layer of glue dotting over the pieces you already glued on. Carefully lay strips of Tissue paper around the glass. I cut pieces that would easily roll around the jar so it would be easier for the kids. Pat the tissue paper carefully to the jar and around the rims. If over hanging the rim, trim off and set aside to dry completely.
When finished set the candle inside. I recommend hot gluing the bottom of the candle your using, and then placing it in the jar, they will end up sliding around otherwise. Or use the plastic battery lights you can find at the store, those will be perfect! Place them away from little hands though!
My White and black skulls didn’t turn out as well but the kids loved it 🙂

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