Disney Junior’s new Series- Sheriff Callie’s Wild West

My youngest DD loves her Disney Junior and I am always happy to see a new fun cute series appear on the daily line up. This weekend November 24th, Disney Junior is bringing to light a new animated series called  “Sheriff Callie’s Wild West,”. 
The show will star Callie with the voice of Mandy Moore . Callie is a loveable Calico cat sheriff who keeps the peace in her frontier town of Nice and Friendly Corners using her noodle lasso and cowgirl know-how.
 Whether teaching her trusty deputy Peck (a woodpecker voiced by “High School Musical’s Lucas Grabeel) a lesson about good sportsmanship through a game of horseshoes, or helping her horse Sparky regain his confidence after he slips and falls during a barrel race, Callie always comes to the aid of her townsfolk and in the process, imparts lessons about good morals, manners and social ethics for kids age 2-7.
You can also check out the series at  http://watchdisneyjunior.go.com/ and watch the new series along with the all time favorites already on Disney Junior. 
Don’t miss out, airs November 24th!