Getting Running again

After a few weeks without my laptop due to hard-drive failure I am back up and running. No, I did not get my files back- they are forever gone. It’s alright though again lesson learned BACK UP YOUR FILES!

With that being said I am using my old laptop hard drive as a backup for files, the laptop itself won’t work but the drive works. Also using a external hard drive so I will back up twice a week just so everything is safe. I can’t say this enough

BACK UP YOUR FILES!! I’ve lost thousands of pictures and written work just because of this. It’s not a fun thing to go through so take it from me and make sure you either use a external hard drive, copy and save on USB drives or even CD’s. I’ve heard there’s plenty of online storage to use as well , pick one any one or two and start backing up once a week.

On to the jump start of the blog-  Starting next week I will begin the weekly Lunch Box meals, every Monday there will be a new recipe for lunch-  No lunch box tips though I think everything was covered during the challenge.
Thanksgiving recipes will also start next week, and I will get back into posting weekly garden posts each Sunday. There are several book reviews and tours coming up so stay tuned for those in the next few weeks.
Starting in December I will be starting the Slow Cooker Recipe Challenge! Don’t miss it, this will be a really great challenge and focused mainly on family budget friendly meals as it was requested by many.

Think that’s mostly it, I am also trying to find a Pinterest “Pin” worthy to stay on the blog. Last one I used it really messed with things so I had to take it down. If any fellow bloggers know a good one let me know, I’ve had two dozen Pinners asking me to put one up!

Lots happening the next few weeks , don’t miss tomorrows garden post either!

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