Identifying Flowers – Scarlet Sage

If you’ve followed my garden posts the last few years you know I planted a pound of wild flowers and it came with no labels. This has left me trying to identify them each one by one.  Now whenever I plant something I take a picture of it’s seeds, and follow the entire journey from sprout to blossom so it’s ( in thought)  easier to identify. It takes awhile, sometimes I end up looking things up like ‘Bell like purple flower, small” It will lead me to 100+ flowers in images and then the search begins. Not easy but it is certainly fun for me.
 This weekend I finally identified one flower that just started to bloom. It’s called Salvia coccinea which is more commonly called- Red, Scarlet or Tropical Sage. It is a more southern flower seen in Southeastern United States, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and Northern South America. It’s hardy in zones 8-10.

Hummingbirds and butterflies pollinate these flowers. They can grow to be about 4 feet tall. They tend to stay small in my yard though but are a pretty addition and are both a shade friendly and sun friendly flower. 
 It self sows into the ground and is pretty easy to grow . You can simply leave it by itself to spread it’s own seed or collect to place in another area. The seed pods are cute and after it blooms it closes up to a green pod which slowly dries and opens. 
Seed pod before it dries 
The seeds when the pod opens simply fall out like they were on a slid. It’s pretty neat. 
I collect half the seeds and let the other half fall to the ground . Next year I will have more to enjoy in the garden! 
Now is the time to think about what you want to plant in the spring. Did you know the best time to plant seeds for spring is both before a frost ? Many hardy seeds can stand frost and cold winters. Soon as the ground warms up you will see the germination start. Many of the flowers in my garden dropped their seeds all over during the fall and winter so come spring they will be plentiful! 
So find out which flowers and or plants you want next year and find out if it’s safe to lay out seeds now unless you’ve already gotten frost and snow. You can also sprinkle the seeds after a major frost ( the last frost before spring) for early flowers. 

30 thoughts on “Identifying Flowers – Scarlet Sage

  1. Masshole Mommy

    I love this post so much. I literally know nothing about flowers, so I found the information in this post to be really fascinating. I love the before & after pictures of the pod – very cool!

  2. GreenOrganic Mamas

    In the next to last picture, they flower seems to be smiling to me!. My son has recently taken an interest in learning more about flowers and plants. I intend to share this post with him.

  3. Casey

    These seem like a flower that is easy enough to plant that even I could make it survive. 😉 Your flowers are absolutely beautiful; thanks for bringing some beauty to my day!

  4. MikiHope

    I have always loved wildflowers and although a well manicured garden is pretty, there is just something about a profusion of assorted shapes and colors.

  5. Kay Adeola

    I really love wild flowers i do not like gardens full of well placed flowers and plants i like them to just spring up in different places all mixed up.we have an area in our garden full of grass and wild flowers left just for nature its lovely.

  6. Ashley Gill

    This is such a pretty flower! If I am knowing anything, most wild flowers are just so pretty! Thank you for the tips on when to plant. I know NOTHING about flowers.. I may have to start myself a flower garden and see how I do at raising them! Yours have been so pretty!

  7. Pam

    Very beautiful pictures and I love the flower. It did remind a little of a mini version of the the flower in the movie The Little Shop of Horrors (but in a good way, LOL).

  8. Amanda Love

    I love seeing gardens but I'm no good when planting and making them grow. Love your flowers. I may try to plant some of my own next spring and see what happens.

  9. Patricia Woolverton

    I love reading about your garden posts. I hope to do one next year and enjoy seeing flowers sprout up. I did not know when it was the right time to plant seeds. Thanks for the information.

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