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I have been getting emails and comments asking ( begging)  for me to add a Pin button on the blog. Sadly there is at this moment nothing I can add. It was added awhile back but then failed and also messed up many of my posts. Imagine having to go through 100+ posts and take out a code to fix things, it’s not fun- Trust me. Until I find something that will work on my blog I will suggest something that you can use on all blogs, not just mine .

If you are using Chrome, add the Pin or Share App

It will be on every page you open and it’s one click away from adding any webpage onto Pinterest. It’s easy quick and I’ve used it many times without a fuss. Just go to the top right hand corner of your Chrome Browser, hit Customized tap ( the three lines you see above on the right)  Then go  into Tools, and Extensions. From there look up either the Share button which hits all social media sites of your choosing or look up the Pinterest extension. From there you are minutes away from add your favorite recipe to your Pin Boards! 
Hope that helps, and thanks for Pinning me like mad this week! 

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