Crock-Pot Recipe Challenge Day 12: Collard Greens

Collards are a hard leaf, it takes awhile for you to cook them down unlike say spinach which can be steamed fast or just mixed into a warmed pan for a few minutes. Having a slow cooker comes in real handy for cooking collards, they take up to three hours to cook before they are ready to eat when cooking on the stove so why not cook them all day in the cooker and not have to stare at it or stir all the time?


2-3 bunches of collards
1 onion cut up
Pieces of ham and or Ham Bone


Clean the collards and discard any discolored ones. Make sure you wash them well on both sides. Lay 4 leaves down ontop of each other and roll them up. Now cut the “jelly rolled collards” into half inch pieces. You should have a line of cut collards, depending on your likes you can leave them like that or cut in half.
Repeat this for all the remaining collards. Cut your onion in quarters ( or smaller it’s up to you)  Place collards , onions and pieces of ham ( you can have a fatty pieces of ham they work great) into slow cooker. Pour water in to cover all the greens.

Cover the cooker and cook on med for 4-6 hours. Collards should be tender not tough . Check half way through cooking if they are too tough put it on high for the remaining time.

My husband likes to eat his collards with Red Wine Vinegar, I like them without. I also like left over collards and place them in any sandwich I may be having, they are the best with left over pieces of steak for a steak sandwich.


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