Garden Update

Most the flowers I had a week ago in the garden, died off due to the frost. There’s been no rain, but plenty and I do mean plenty of frost. I just planted a bunch of flowers seeds that will sprout once it’s warm enough though so in a few weeks there will be nothing but green!  One flower that I’ve mentioned many, many times before is the Dandelion flower. Yes it’s a weed , but it’s a very , very helpful one.  You can read about it over here 

They are becoming my favorite flower, not just because of their benefits in the garden ( they recycle the soil!) but because they are just too fun and cute to look at. I like them in their fuzzy seed stage šŸ™‚ I had taken these in December , they were the last ones in the garden for ’13. I can’t wait for the new ones to sprout in a few weeks