Recipe Challenge Day 11: Greek Marinated Chicken

This became a throw together dinner I really didn’t have time to make anything fancy but it defiantly tastes like you spent all day on some chicken here.

 All the kids enjoyed this and I had to make it twice because they loved it so much!

 1 cup plain yogurt
 2 Tbsp olive oil
 4 cloves garlic, minced
 ½ Tbsp dried oregano
1 medium lemon zest juice from 1/2 lemon
 ½ tsp salt freshly cracked pepper
 ¼ bunch fresh parsley
4 lbs chicken pieces

Add all the ingredients to a ziplock bag, minutes the chicken. Mix it up well then add the chicken. Let it sit in the fridge for an hour before baking or grilling. To bake place chicken  on baking sheet and good at 375 for anywhere from 20-50 minutes or until chicken is done. Discard the marinade

rinade. Place pieces in marinade in gallon ziplock. Bake 375 45-60 minutes or grill.