Recipe Challenge Day 20: Baked Egg Sandwich

It’s really busy in the mornings, often pure chaos so when I came across this shortcut way to make some eggs in the morning I had to jump at it . While I fuss and make sure everyone is getting dressed eggs can be cooking away in the oven. The great thing is, each kid can sprinkle their own ingredients right into their eggs before they bake personalizing it. All you need to do is slip the egg out place it on bread or a muffin and you are out the door with a “go to breakfast” . Perfect for those rushed mornings but still getting everyone int he house fed well even if it is on the run. Just 10 minutes of your time and you’ve got an on the run breakfast to go!

What you need:

Choice of bread or English muffins
Butter to grease muffin tins
Muffin tins obviously!
Your choice toppings- onions, bacon, cheese, peppers, spinach, chives, garlic you name it you want it on the egg grab it .

Directions grease muffin tins, crack an egg into each of the muffin cups. Top with your toppings if you wanted. Cook in the oven at 350F for about 10 minutes or how ever to your liking.

Kids added bacon and cheese!