The Snails are Back

The snails are back in the yard with a hunger for my bean plants. They seem to have gotten past the copper, wood chips and nets . Lately I’ve been setting up corn meal jars, snails love cornmeal but it kills them fast. Simply pour some cornmeal in a jar, lay it on it’s side and you should see less snails within the garden.
There’s still a patch near the beans where the snails seem to be heavily so I’m setting up more cornmeal jars  to cut them off.
Though cute, snails can really do damage in the garden.

This was a scarlet bean, the snails ate through 15 of them over night this weekend and they will not grow back. 
  As long as the beans get past 6 inches with a 3rd set of leaves the snails can’t stunt the growth. The snails seem to just go after the first sets of leaves for some reason. Maybe it’s sweeter, who knows.
If you do plan on using cornmeal please take note that if the cornmeal is spread out nothing will grow in it’s place. Cornmeal is like seed birth control, do not let the cornmeal get anywhere you’ve planted and or want to plant. Keep it within the jar. Take flowers that re-seed, no, don’t let the cornmeal get into the ground the seeds will never grow. It’s great for keeping weeds down and all, but not so much if you let your garden reseed itself. 
I’ll update this weekend if my beans made it through the week! What’s growing in your garden? 

25 thoughts on “The Snails are Back

  1. Alice Chase

    GREAT picture!! I know that wasn't exactly the point of your post but really…just great! I am a terrible gardener. TX just gets so hot at one point during the summer that everything burns. I kind of just gave up on my garden and joined a food co-op instead.

  2. Pam

    Snails cause so much damage for such small creatures! Hope you get them under control with the cornmeal and they stop eating all your bean plants.


    Oh geeze, it's been forever since I've seen snails in a garden. We just haven't lived in the right places. But we are moving and I have no idea what to expect in way of bugs and insects and stuff. I wonder if I'll see snails at our new house. I hope not; but good to know about the cornmeal!

  4. Pam

    We did have a huge snail problem and then we ripped out all of our ivy and they are gone.

    I love that picture too, even though I know the picture is there to make a point. I don't have a garden but I wish I did. .

  5. Jennifer Williams

    Maybe they go after the first set of leaves because the climb is to tiring to go further. I was cracking up laughing about the seed birth control – at least I will now remember that as I start to garden again.

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