Plant for the Bees


Every year I say the same thing, plant for the bees. Well here I am again, time to plant for those bees! It’s not too late, you can still plant a ton of things. Head to the local nursery or even your store, they most likely have plants sitting out in the sun soaking up glorious sunshine. If you plan on planting any vegetables during the summer you want to bring the bees in. Establish the pollinators now so that you can keep them coming in throughout the summer.

4 great flowers to start from seeds that don’t required any at all fuss to grow –

  • Zinna’s which can come in an array of colors
  • Cosmos, also colorful
  • Poppies, while there are different varieties of these California Poppies ( orange)  are the easiest and quickest to grow. I find the other colors, take white, pink or red don’t always come up as fast and or they are much smaller . You can’t go wrong with the orange ones, they are bright and cheerful. 
  • Marigolds, these you can buy different varieties of as well and can even buy plants if you don’t want to start with seeds. 
They all will self seed if you let them dead head and will sprout back up , but if you clip spent flowers you can also force more blooms so that choice is up to you. 
Sunflowers are great to bring in a ton of bees,  but space may not allow them, the idea is to place flowers throughout the garden try to get the corners, and even in between areas you plan on planting vegetables. Other flowers, Butterfly bush , Fennel which you can use in for other reason put out a lot of attraction for bees and butterflies. Bee Balm is a nice one, any herbs are great as well will attract bees. Try to find a flower that has many blossoms , while  a tulup will bring a bee in, something like the Butterfly bush which has a ton of blossoms on one stem will bring in a dozen or so more. Pollinators will work through the entire garden this way instead of a few selected areas. The more you put in the garden, more spread out the flowers are the better your chance to see more bees. I’ve never had trouble keeping them in the yard as long as I’ve kept flowers between each row of vegetables, so plant those flowers and welcome the bees into your garden! Butterflies, bees, even hummingbirds will visit more often. 

Lucky shot, hummingbirds are so hard to take pictures of!  
flowersPlant those flowers!  



32 thoughts on “Plant for the Bees


    I absolutely love Marigolds and zinna's. I hope to have some of them planted in my new house once we get moved in. I'm not fond of having bees in my yard much because of the "stinging" issues; but I know they are super important for the growth of our plants and fruit trees. So I put up with them.

  2. Scott

    How about we plant them in the neighbor's yard? I'm not wild about bees at all, but I realize they are necessary.

  3. A Merican Punjaban PI

    This is a good tip. I live in an apartment right now so I have to be careful how many bees I invite into a small patio. Still, I love my flowers so I'll use your tips to be careful while planting my patio garden this year.

  4. Curby Aardvark

    People tend to fear bees and not like them, I think they look pretty cool and they are not even dangerous; you don't harm them and they won't harm you.

  5. Jennifer Williams

    We are doing a lot of potted plants around our house. We are currently stuck renting so this is how I am able to plant for the bees as well as have my herb garden. When we finally get to move I can take my plants with me.

  6. Pam

    Lots of good ideas here. I know when I was growing up we have a huge yard with so many wonderful flowering plants and lots of bees. I know we just played right along side them and they rarely bothered us.

  7. Alice Chase

    I love your pictures!! marigolds are what we usually plant because they stand up under the Texas heat so well. Thanks for the reminder to get planting!

  8. Ronnie E.

    Bees scare me. 🙁 Terrify me even. My grandma always planted so much flowers in the garden to attract them and then I wouldn't be able to have fun outside because they would fly around me all the time. Killer bees as well, eek!! But I know how important it is to maintain the bee population..

  9. Casa Vilora Interiors

    We definitely need the bees. They are going to be extinct unless we do something about it thanks to GMO crops. Our produce shopping experience will definitely be different without bees

  10. Nikki

    I am terrified of all things that sting, but I do know how important bees are. In fact, my son came home the other day and told me that we would all die in "three days" without bees. While I think he misunderstood and we'd live a bit longer than that, he wants to do his part to help them.

  11. Ashley Gill

    Last summer my garden attracted quite a few bees! My friend told me all about the pollinating they can do for me.. I let them be! I may have gone running for the hills a few times, but I let them hang out in my garden!

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