DIY Hummingbird Food

We have a hummingbird family within our garden. I’ve been watching two baby humming birds along with the parents fly around from tree to tree. It’s so fascinating to watch them grow up and then each year have them come back. Within a day we see about 15 all together, five that stay right  in our yard itself so I make sure to have plenty of food for them both a friendly nectar garden for them to enjoy as well as a feeder. Instead of buying hummingbird food though, it’s so much easier to make it myself! It’s easy, and a whole lot cheaper than what you buy in stores. Water and sugar, that’s it!

Ingredients and Directions for making food

it’s a 4:1 ratio, Four parts water, 1 part sugar. Heat your water till it boils , turn off heat and stir in sugar till it dissolves then let it cool before pouring into your feeders .

The hummingbirds swarm the feeders all day.

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