Time to Play!

I was recently able to review an awesome game by Carrom, the popular Nok-Hockey Game.

I remember playing this as a kid at summer camp, and loved it, even better that this is wood. The one I played as a kid was solid plastic and easily got dented amongst hard play. Wood holds up better and it looks great too . This Nok-Hockey game is all wood, with a wood frame and hardwood playing area. It’s really smooth all the way around, no nails, or screws to catch on anything. I always look for that when we get a game for the house, so this was put together nicely.

My kids really got into this, we used it and have been using it pretty daily. The board is 23.8W by 1.9H by 35 inchesD , and is a nice solid build which is always important. You can place it on the ground like we normally do or use it table top. The game comes with two red hockey sticks, and two pucks.

The object of the game of course, is to score the pucks through the goal line. What I like is the solid blocks before each goal, we’ve had two previous games like this and they had these thin short plastic dividers as a barrier, not only had they come off but the pucks would just go flipping over it. This game is nicely built, and does what it should. We like to mix it up, put the two pucks on the board and just go at it, really fun.

My kids are learning how to get the angle shots in there so they’ve beaten me several times and earned bragging rights for game night. Loads of fun, great gift for any young kid or a great addition to your family game night as well. I think what I like best, besides keeping my kids entertained is it isn’t that heavy ( less than 10 pounds) so I pick it up and slid it behind the couch when not in use. Though big, it’s still thin enough to find a place out of the way.

So far the graphic writing which is lead free ink, hasn’t faded. When the kids play it, it ends up in front of a window directly in sunlight but I haven’t noticed any sun spots or fading. Scratching hasn’t happened either, so it’s holding up really great so far and will keep giving my kids hours worth of entertainment.
You can check out Carrom’s website and the Non-Hockey Game at their website and add some Nok-Hockey fun with the family http://www.carrom.com/

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