Friendly Skeletons

Kids and I got crafty with some Q-tips. We made some friendly Skeletons. This is a super easy craft, geared towards the younger ones, Pre-K, K and 1st graders but both my second grader and my fourth grader also enjoyed doing this.

I let my kids just make their own, I didn’t have a pattern for a skull just drew one, and traced the others from there, you don’t have to be a artist to draw it so don’t skip this super easy and fun craft because of it.

Supplies needed

18 Q-tips
Black construction paper
White paper
Black marker
White glue

I sketched out the skull then traced out the others ( save a skull for next year to use as a template) As for the Q-tips, it’s not easy for the kids to cut them so you may want to help the younger ones. You just snip off the ends of the Q-tips for whatever length you want. My kids wanted different sizes so that is what they did.

Have the kids decorate the skull, then glue it down. Starting with the back bone glue it down then the ribs, and move out to the legs and arms. Glue stick will NOT work, you need regular white glue for this. 
Have fun with them!