Chocolate Trail Mix Bites

We hiked a lot during the summer this year and I had come up a with a ton of new trail mix bars and energy mixes to keep our energy up on the trails. Now that schools back, I get to hike or bike by myself when I get the time. These quick trail mix bites are easy to make and mix up with any fixings you have on hand. Besides healthy nuts and dried fruit you’ve got the sweet taste of chocolate that will give you the good energy boost you need to keep active. Hike, bike ride, holiday errands and a busy day these little tasty bites are incredible easy to carry around.

Either Chocolate chips ( dark or milk chocolate)  or Melting Chocolate
  * Depending on how many you want to make – 3 tablespoons of chips will make about 8-10 of these bites, so go from there. 
Choice of dried fruit and mixed nuts, coconut if you wanted even

Melt the chocolate carefully in microwave for about 15 seconds in a microwave safe bowl, stir, then heat again 10 seconds at a time. You don’t want the chocolate to burn or scold, you want it melted. Soon as it’s melted grab some wax paper and drop about a quarter size amount down for each bite. Use up the rest of the chocolate.

 Place your dried fruit and mixed nuts to each bite then let cool completely.

 You can speed up cooling time by placing in fridge but the chocolate sets fast. Store in air tight container.

Mix up the flavors, try different nuts, and dried fruit. These would make a great holiday gift as well, as gift for teachers, relatives, your party or dinner host and even neighbors!  Enjoy! 

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38 thoughts on “Chocolate Trail Mix Bites

  1. Nikki

    That is such an awesome idea! One thing I'm decent at making- chocolate-covered whatnots, lol. These are even easier than covering items, though, since you just set the nuts in the chocolate. No dipping mess!

  2. Maria

    Someone recently offered me an entire box of lefover trail mix at work and I denied it. It had no chocolate Now I know what I can do with it!! Great idea!

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