Game Day Mini Taco Bowls

If you’ve followed me through the years you know what The Recipe Challenges are, February is the annual Challenge, no real theme just new recipes to try out each and everyday for the entire month. There are a few more challenges throughout the year with a theme behind them, take the Lunch Box Challenge, or Slow Cooker Challenge, I try to mix it up. February is more of a free for all.
 Point being, try new things even if they fail. People get stuck in meal funks so to speak, same things, or repeating meals time and time again- break free of that!

 I challenge you to try a new recipe each week at least, plan a weeks worth of meals, throw in something new, try it, what’s the worst that will happen? You learn you don’t like something?

This year will be a little different, as my kids are old enough they are taking more of a stand in this, the entire process whether picking the recipe or making it themselves, which is what today’s recipe is about. My kids picked this recipe out and what better day than SuperBowl Sunday for some Mini Taco Bowls!

All the kids made this, from cutting the tortillas, to helping brown the meat and assembling the tacos. It’s a great new twist to taco night and makes a great party appetizer as well.

1 lb Ground Beef
2 tbsp Taco Seasoning
One medium onion chopped
12 Corn or flour Tortillas
Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Your choice toppings
Cheese ( we used four cheese blend)
Peperoncini slices,
Sour cream

Choice is yours pretty much


Preheat oven to 350F

Heat the onion in a skillet with at least a tablespoon butter or oil till tender. Add in the beef and season. Heat through. While it’s cooking using a 3 inch cookie cutter ( any cup or even wide mouth mason jar should be wide enough to use as a cutter) cut your circles out of the flour tortillas. I used scraps to fill in other muffin cups, worked just fine, I hate waste so don’t throw them out so fast. Place each circle into a muffin tin. * Now the recipe I had said preheat the cut taco shells once in the muffin tins, I didn’t do this.* I love not following directions so I filled the cups up, then heated.

You can do it either way, pre-bake the cups for 12 minutes till they are crispy, then start filling with meat and your toppings. Or fill the cups, just topping with cheese and heat it all together, till cheese is melted and edges are crisp, took 15 minutes.

This is a recipe the kids can help with throughout, Enjoy!

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  1. Melissa Vera

    What a great recipe, I too have been trying a new recipe at least once a week. Like today we had lettuce tacos, instead of tortillas as the wrap we used lettuce leaves.

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