“Creating a bridge for opera and electronic music”

If you enjoy art and music you will really enjoy this!  Recently I cam across a wonderful musician, his name is Dave Kemp, music producer of  DTO . He is a gifted  musician that performs piano, guitar, and electronic music, performing for yoga classes, workshops, corporate/public events, and weddings. Fascinating and amazing music if I do say so myself. 

Through his music he soulfully heals and uplifts the human experience. I enjoy playing them during yoga myself and can’t wait for the release of his new Album coming this summer, “Nameless Energy”.
A preview of his music is below in the  Piano composition, Flight,

Why am I sharing today? DTO has teamed up with Andrea Saenz, who have dedicated over 80 hours towards the production of the song Dolce Ardor the last two years and they are trying to create an Opera Music video, bringing to life the story behind the song. 
 The song, Dolce Ardor, is a genre-bending twist to an opera from way back in 1770.  Music is a way to soul, an art, and tells stories with an incredible amount of energy, but in order to share this beautiful story they need your support to do so! 

A little about the song itself-
The story they bring you follows the quest in search of true love of the central character played by Andrea Sáenz.  The fire that fuels her throughout the quest is represented by the rich piano melodies played by Dave Kemp. She appears adorned in full 18th century attire, but as her quest becomes increasingly urgent and the dichotomy of passion and pain escalate and collide, she then begins to literally dismantle before the viewers’ eyes. She is left with no choice, but to seek within and bathe in the fountain of her origins, which is visually relayed through a UV body paint transformation..  The video culminates as the central character emerges anew in new-found divinity and freedom.
How amazing would it be to see a song come to life with amazing visual art! 
Here is a preview of the song 
How you can help 
 Both Andrea Saenz and the music producer of DTO are asking for our help, your support to create this amazing music video and bring their love of of music and art to life. 
Update They made their goal!!  Don’t let that stop you from checking out their site right here and follow their links listed to keep updated on their progress on the creation of the video !

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