Fun Easter Craft – How to Blow out an Egg for Decorating

Every blow out an egg? I’ve done everything else with an egg, whether cooking, baking, decorating, you name it – blown one out? No. This was the year! It’s fun but it can be a process. The younger kids found it  very difficult to blow the egg, even the older ones so I ended up doing the rest. Hence no pictures of that part, sorry! 

Once you empty the egg out the shell becomes stronger so you can handle them better. ( They still do break so don’t be crushing them in your hand) But they hold up to coloring . 
What you will need
Eggs, depending on how many people are going to decorate have at least 3 per person in case one does break. 
Paper clip
Bowl for the eggs
Colored pencils 
First take  a paper clip and unfold it . Take an egg and using the paper clip poke a hole into the end of each side of the egg, it should be as big as the tip of a pencil. 
 Holding it over the bowl, one hole should be up, the other down, you will blow through the top and the egg will start shooting out through the bottom. The kids where hooting and howlering at this point, apparently it’s awesome to watch.  A couple of the eggs needed a little bigger hole, just use the paper clip to do it gentlybut once you start getting the egg to come out it goes smoothly. 
 Once the egg is empty set it aside, Finish with all the other eggs then you want to rinse off each egg and let dry.  Time to decorate! 
Coloring the eggs-
Markers- I wouldn’t really recommend coloring the whole thing with them, they stay wet so it just starts coloring your hand, while yes it makes awesome color combo’s unless you were patient enough to blow the marker dry they will smudge super fast. 
  Use colored sharpies, and colored pencils to color in. The best came out when the sharpie was used first then colored over.
The green one was marker, my daughter took the marker  and colored a paper towel then rubbed it all over the egg. Came out awesome