Leven Rose Rosehip Oil

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Rosehip oil is an amazing oil that your skin soaks up really easily, it’s a “dry oil” meaning it’s not greasy. It’s high in fatty acids and helps brings back skins natural moisture. You could probably find it listed in any beauty products you may already use, even some lotions as it can work wonders on fading  scars including stretch marks or acne scars. Helps smooth wrinkles and holds off premature aging. If nothing else over time using Rosehip oil gives your skin a real natural glow, and brings back that softness to weathered or even dehydrated skin. 

I recently had the chance to review Leven Rose, Rosehip oil. The Oil comes with a small dropper for easy use. A little goes a long with any oil but Rosehip oil even less is more.  It’s very lightly scented, barely even light so the scent is nothing to worry about. I would actaully say it’s nearly odorless.  I’ve been using the oil in many ways, made some lip balm with it, just a drop to each small container and not only makes it easy to spread, but it doubles the moisture to my lips when I need it. My son even uses the oil, he has very dry hands and with the oil,  his hands stay hydrated pretty much all day. It’s not greasy at all, but I would advice you to use one drop at a time. It’s extremely gentle on the skin and does not clog your pores, you don’t have to dilute it at all . Rosehip oil makes a great carrier oil for small oil blends. If you’re new to essential oils this just means when blending different oils you use a carrier, something that’s typically a fatty oil that dilutes other oils so you can apply to the skin without irritation.  I’ve used it in a pinch to make roller balls of oil blends and it’s always a win. 

You can use the oil in homemade beauty products , use it as a moisturizer by itself, or  in creams and lotions. Makes a great massage oil as well but it’s best use is for helping to heal dry damaged skin. As if all that isn’t great enough, the oils is amazing for healthier stronger nails, and even your hair! 


Such a nice oil!

Leven Rose Rosehip oil is 100% Organic Cold Pressed oil. It ships fast, and comes wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it safe during travel. It’s amber bottle extends it’s life on the shelf and glass dropper makes it for easy usage.  It’s recommended to keep in a cool dark place. Oils should never be placed in the sunlight. You can pick up your own Leven Rose Rosehip oil on amazon right here for $13.97, Leven Rose has a 100% money back guarantee so you can’t go wrong!  


13 thoughts on “Leven Rose Rosehip Oil

  1. Daisy

    I would love to try this because I have very dry skin. It sounds nice that it doesn’t have a strong scent and that a little goes a long way.

  2. Catherine S

    This sounds like a great oil. I need to try this my hands seem to stay really dry.

  3. Michele

    I am allergic ti the scent of flowers–roses are no exception. But the dry skin I am thinking of is on my lower legs-so if the scent is that mild maybe I can give it a try.

    • MelanieMelanie Post author

      You honestly have to stick it up your nose to really smell any faint scent. I do NOT like scents in my lotions, but I love adding this to skin care products. Could possibly be right for you!

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