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It’s been crazy , crazy busy here with the remodel and move. yes it’s happening all at once. We can’t really move without the house being finished, but can’t really not move when we have to get the old house ready. See? It’s crazy. Through the craziness I wanted to update you on the Now Ambassador campaign and how it’s going. If you haven’t followed through my social media you missed some great stuff happening. Recipes!

New Protein shakes ( you will hear about these more later this week)  that I’m using and even recipes that are coming up this week for some awesome DIY body butter, so stay tuned this week, lots happening! 


Missed the cookies? Here are the Nutty Coconut Trail Bites 

This weeks highlight is the Now Solutions herbal Revival Shampoo and Conditioner. I have dry, curly thick hair. Somedays I hate it, somedays I want to hide it under a hat , there’s days where it’s screaming at me to do something and a rare day where it’s just perfect. Thank you thick curly frizzy hair for the “hair moods” , it’s been delightful!  

 It’s not really fun, you really have to shop around for shampoo and conditions in themselves are a nightmare. You may like the shampoo but the matching conditioner is a no-go, which is why I can’t wait to tell you about the Now Solutions Herbal Revival set! 



I’ve been using it for about two weeks , and notice  more shine and health over all. Though I still can’t tame the curls the shampoo itself has brought a little life back into them.  The herbal revival is nourishing and helps to strengthen already damaged hair. It’s pH balanced which is great , your hair and scalp like the rest of your body has it’s own balance. Each time you wash you’re washing all the oils away. Most people think washing is good, while yes you need to wash ( don’t think I’m saying not wash it!)  You are constantly washing away the oils that are there to protect your hair, some shampoos even dry out your hair, leaving it worse then when you started! Or perhaps your shampoo is leaving a thick gunk that builds up over time on your hair and against your scalp. Lovely yes? No. No it’s not.  This set doesn’t strip your hair of anything, it nourishes it, it helps bring it back to a healthy balance of natural oils. There’s no build up, and there’s no heaviness or oily residue like some other shampoos . It leaves my hair shining with health and soft, fair less frizzy as well. 

  Some ingredients in the set are , tea tree oil, sea kelp, Chamomile, Calendula, Lavender, and a lot more herbal goodies that help your hair repair and prevent more damage being done. A little goes a long way I found with both . The scent is mild, I’d say slightly lavender scent but in no way is it overpowering. They are free of any abrasive ingredients, certified organic and free of any gaming chemicals! Go back to the roots ( literally) and jump start your hair with the new revival line, you will be glad you did. It’s time to stop harming your hair and stripping it of it’s natural oils, and instead time to nourish it !


Another product in the now Solution line is the Vitamin D-3 cream. Amazing stuff! I posted through instagram about using this for a burn- first off the burn happened nearly two weeks ago, but no matter what I put on it, the skin would dry up fast. I grabbed this in a desperate attempt to help sooth my damaged skin  around it ( this does NOT treat burns!)  I used it around the edges of the burn and it really helped sooth out the injured skin. I waited until the burn finally started to scab over before putting it on the whole thing and it’s really helped keep it from further cracking.  It was a very bad burn, so I was really careful not to use on the opened wound, the skin around it needed all the help it could get though and the cream came to the rescue. Loaded with 1,000 IU of Vitamin D-2 ( in each gram) which helps sooth out dry cracked damaged skin. It also has vitamin E in it, which you all know is an amazing skin nourishing nutrient. 

The cream has a citrus scent, orange , but very mild it rubs on smoothly and soaks up fast.  Nice and thick cream too, not oily, not runny, I love it. There’s no  greasiness to it, just a nice cool feeling after spreading it on.  Instantly leaves your skin nourished and soft . The cream helps renew your skin and helps repair damaged skin . This would really come in handy during the dry winter months , when most have dry skin. Cracked hands? This is for you,  one application has left my skin feeling amazing all day long! I’m in the garden dirt a lot, constantly washing hands which-  just like washing your hair a lot strips it of natural oils, washing hands does the same thing. One small dab of this covers both my hands for perfect balance and moisture all day long. A very welcomed addition to my beauty routine! 

** Vitamin D-3 Cream does not treat burns. Never put any product on an opened wound unless it’s made for such wound. I  was very careful in the use, it helped the area around the burn before I was able to use it on the healing wound. Again, not a burn cream. 

*I received the following product(s) to review. I was not required to write a positive review no other monetary compensation was given . Any and all opinions are my own.





22 thoughts on “Now Foods Ambassador Update #NOWWellness

  1. Mellissa Hanks

    I have a couple of their products and LOVE them. I didn’t know they made a shampoo, conditioner or protein mix! I am going to have to look into those one 🙂 I hope your burn gets to feeling better.

  2. Carlee C

    I am glad to hear that the shampoo is working well for you. With all those natural ingredients, I can only imagine how good it smells and how good it is for your scalp.

  3. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    What an awesome line of products. I need to try those Nutty Coconut Trail Bites!

  4. Jeanine

    That cookie looks interesting! Especially if kid approved I will have to check it out! Glad its going great, and hope the move and remodel don’t keep you too busy and stressed for long!

  5. Valerie

    I haven’t tried these products yet but they sound wonderful. I will have to check them out myself. Thanks for the info!

  6. April G

    Now… haha… I mean now as in right now, I see so many of their products. Their offerings seem to be diverse and tasty.

    • MelanieMelanie Post author

      lol I am as well seeing more of their products in the store. Love the new lines, hopefully ore stores carry the entire brand!

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