A month in the life of my garden

Still dealing with the chaos of moving and remodeling, but one thing that has drastically changed and is coming along nicely is the garden. We went from a jungle of weeds over 6ft to a thriving vegetable garden. I haven’t focused on flowers that much yet , that will come next year, right now it’s more simple quick growing flowers to help keep bees in the yard while the vegetables blossom. Thankfully the hard work paid off, I went from no bees to a healthy steady buzzing environment.

It’s always a great idea to plant flowers between vegetables to help ensure pollination. Any flowers would do really, the ones I like best are poppies, cosmos, marigolds  and zinnia’s. They all grow pretty fast and have many blossoms to one plant. Not only that but they won’t disrupt your other plants, easy to grow and low maintenance if any at all. They bring some color to the garden as well, but really who doesn’t like a pretty flower? So what’s stopping you? 

On to the massive project of the garden. 

Before Pictures


Took 3 hours total to get through this jungle


Insane weeds

Once I started weeding 

By gosh there's actaully garden beds in there!

By gosh there’s actaully garden beds in there!

As of yesterday . All together it’s been one month, from weeding to planting. 

Huge difference right? I have a lot of work still to do but it's a great start for the year.

Huge difference right? I have a lot of work still to do but it’s a great start for the year.

There is a Peach Tree at the left, it needs a lot of help, since I know nothing on fruit trees, I’m researching before messing with it. For now though I planted dill and other plants to help boost the soil around it. If anyone knows anything about Peach Trees, send me an email mburbage@sbcglobal.net 🙂  I’ll update after researching a bit.

The squash and Melon patch. Different Varieties, and flowers in between

The squash and Melon patch. Different Varieties, and flowers in between

Loads of Tomatoes!  Basil is in there somewhere, peppers as well.

Loads of Tomatoes! Basil is in there somewhere, peppers as well.


Peppers, yellow squash and zucchini! They are monsters

A little time and dedication to any area can go from jungle weeds to a thriving garden, whether vegetables or flowers. I only added some kitchen scraps, epson salt and two bags of fertilizer to the entire garden. Through winter I’ll plant dandelions to recycle the dirt. ( Remember my huge posts on these amazing power plants? Check it out, they are helpful! )  All in all so far, this is looking like it will be one of my most successful years gardening! Check back soon to see how it’s going. 
Happy Gardening! 

24 thoughts on “A month in the life of my garden

  1. Jamie

    Looks amazing!! We’ve had some problems with the heat and hail here in the mountains of AZ, so our gardens are suffering. My herbs are still doing great though, so I’ll just have to plan my menu on that! Love your garden area.

  2. Daisy

    That looks awesome! Your family must have the best meals. We used to have a HUGE garden and I miss it. It was always so nice to have fresh veggies and fruit. I used to take the extra to the nearby university and donate to students. I know that they appreciated it.

  3. Jeanine

    I’m so jealous of your garden! I hope our next house has room for one. I think they are awesome and I’d love to grow my own veggies! We go through so many

  4. Liz Mays

    Hurray! It looks so full of life now and you have a new source of fresh fruits and veggies. I wish I had a garden like that.

  5. Catherine S

    Your garden looks amazing. I wish I didn’t have so many allergies to plants and flowers. I would love to have a garden.

  6. April G

    One of these days, I’m actually going to start the garden that I’ve always wanted. This looks beautiful. One day… one day.

  7. Ann Bacciaglia

    We just remodeled our back yard. The last thing we have to do is have a huge maple tree removed. It is going to give us a lot more room in the yard.

  8. Babita

    We have a small patch of vegetable garden in our back yard. Right now it is over run by cherry tomato and squash. I guess I shouldn’t have planted them together.

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