Berry Cheesecake

This has been an all time favorite dessert in this house, it’s a mock cheesecake and there’s no baking involved. You can change this up however you want, put fresh fruit or even cherry pie filling on top. Want the fruit in the pie? Fold it in as you put the mixture into the pie pan. You can dress this up how ever you want and it will always be a winner. It looks like you spent a lot of time on it when really it’s mix and pour into the crust to chill. It’s that easy! 

 This year I was after a little more flare and decided to add a little cool twist with some Slender Sticks by NowFoods.  Ifyou followed my blog a while you know I was part of a great campaign with them and was able to try several of their products. One being the Slender-stick. They give you a great flavor but without the added sugar , and in a perfect travel size you can slip it right into your pocket or bag for on the go trips. Just empty and shake within a water bottle you are good to go!

The ones I had were Acai Lemonade and it brought out a very nice taste without all the added sugar we don’t need. 



2 pkg. (8oz each ) Cream Cheese Softened
1/3 cup sugar
2 cups  whipped topping
1 ready to use graham cracker crust (9in)
* Optional-  1 cup of fruit, I like using crushed strawberries, or crushed raspberries . I have even used about a half cup to a cup of jam, or jelly within the pie to spruce it up just make sure it’s sugar free.
* Additional Fruit for topping, any berry works, you can use one can pie filling as well. Your choice, cherry , blueberry…
*Optional NowFoods Slender sticks 2 of your choice flavor, which would be mixed in as your beating the cream cheese in with the sugar


Beat the cream cheese and sugar together in bowl till well mixed. ( If using jam or jelly, make sure you beat this in with the cream cheese and sugar, move on to the next step) If using the Slender Stick mix them in now . 
 Fold in your whipped topping. * If using fruit within the pie fold it in after you folded the whipped topping. When mixed pour into your crust and spread evenly. Chill for about 2-3 hours before placing fruit on top. Serve right away or keep chilled. Will keep a few days in the fridge.  I made a little extra topping and piped it along the top for some new flare, it is always a winner