Back To School with #Lexar- My Child Needs What at school!?

School is starting, class supply lists are being handed out and parents are scrambling to find those supplies our kids need to get through that school year. Everything was all crayon this, marker that, ruler this, wide ruled paper that, until my son hit middle school. There’s been a huge shift in lists suddenly, sign phone contracts with the school ( so they can carry it)  the big bad calculators that do graphs and those pesky complicated equations, they need printer paper even! Well when I was in school we were just starting to use printers that you got to tear the edges off and separate each sheet. Remember those? So much fun….Moving on! 

 Schools are trying to go paperless, which means a lot of their work will be done on the computer. The school doesn’t want to print out assignments,  there’s more work being done between home and school on the computer. Assignments even are given over the internet. How do the kids get work too and from school mostly? Media storage!

Smallest Jumpdrive out there!

 This year my son will need plenty of storage to save his work he does at school and bring it on home to finish. Once he’s finished he will have to email it over the internet or just save to the computer system at school. Everyone’s seen the handy USB storage flash-drives yes? I have plenty myself, mostly small ones for quick picture storage before it’s saved to my hard drive. I’ve never actaully used it to save work and shift back and forth, so when I had the chance to try out a USB Jumpdrive from Lexar I was all for it. 

This extremely light and small USB drive is 16GB – perfect for assignments and plenty of extra space for anything else needing to be saved. No worries if my son needs to save something from each class, there’s plenty of room and it transfers files super fast! Apparently this Mama is in some stone age, as my previous drives not only are in MB ( gasp) but the transfer itself takes minutes to do. Everything is done on a tight schedule these days, my son along with all the school kids need to be able to save , transfer fast! The Lexar Jump-drive is perfect! 

Love how small it is!

Love how small it is!

Love that you can push the USB connector in, not that it takes up too much room in anyway but this just makes it that much easier to carry in a pocket without the worry of damaging the connector- I have actaully had that happen once. This is one of the smallest jump-drives I’ve ever seen, so this was great. It is compatible to use with both Mac’s and PC systems. You do nothing at all but plug it in, it starts up immediately- again quicker than any other USB I’ve used. My son doesn’t have to worry about installing drivers or waiting for that to happen when he first plugs in. Their computer systems are throughout the classrooms or library, so no matter what computer he picks the Jump-drive will start right up without needing to install a thing!  Once it’s plugged in, you can start transferring data, files, pictures, even video’s and keeping it’s quality through the transfer.

Super fast transfers!

Super fast transfers!

It’s already been in use this school year , first day was yesterday. He needed to send forms which needed to be signed home- class had no more print outs. Teacher hooked it to their computer, transferred files and home it came. Plugged right into the printer directly and printed the papers without a hassle at all.  Convenience at an incredible price for top quality storage! Even if you don’t have kids going to and from school the Lexar Jump-drive is a must have on hand. Maybe you are visiting family, or friends, pictures were taken and you would like copies. Perhaps you need to save something from work and need to finish it at home? No matter your reason , your storage needs are met with top quality and reliable products from Lexar! Each drive comes with a warranty and they have the best customer service, you can always count on them! 


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19 thoughts on “Back To School with #Lexar- My Child Needs What at school!?

  1. Catherine S

    Lexar is a great brand. Things would have been so much easier if we had jump drives when I was in school.

  2. aimee fauci

    I am always in need of this but never have one around. I should get 5 and put them in different places where I work throughout the house so I always have one.

  3. Katherine G

    I need this jump drive. I am always in need of backing things up. Even more so since my laptop broke down a few weeks ago. We have jump drives all over the house as well.

  4. Daisy

    I love shopping for school supplies! This is my first year shopping for my son and it was a lot of fun to going shopping together. He felt so special shopping for everything. The Lexar Jump drive sounds super useful. It’s so nice to send things on flash drives rather than wasting so much paper.

  5. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    School supply lists sure have changed over the years, huh? I guess this is a good thing, though.

  6. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Looks like a durable jump drive. I like the color, it makes it easier to find inside a school bag, unlike the standard black color. I agree that it is necessary for a child to have his own jump drive to keep his own files in.

  7. Carlee C

    My son may start needing to do this later in the year. I could totally use a technology tool like that right now, very trendy looking.

  8. Jeanine

    My kiddos don’t need these type of things yet but I’m glad to hear about them for myself too. I use these for work, and pictures so it’s great. I’ll have to check this brand out.

  9. Theresa

    My daughter’s have both had Jump Drives on their supply list for the past few years. It’s so amazing how much things have changed since we were in school!

  10. Ann Bacciaglia

    I need to get a few of these for my kids. They are both in College this year. I am sure there will be a ton of projects they are going to need these for.

  11. Paula Schuck

    I need to back up all the photos i have on my laptop. I will ave to pick up a few of these for storage.

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