Back to School with Community Coffee

Morning scramblings of missing shoes, backpacks, signing papers that were supposed to be given to you last night, and the all too debacle of lunch makings is in full speed in this house. School has begun a few weeks ago, but we’re still trying to smooth out the schedules and craziness. One thing that I never fail to forget though during all this chaos is – Coffee.



Oh how I love you Coffee!  

I’m very picky about my coffee, rarely do I ever go out and buy it at a coffee shop because that’s just how picky I am, no shame in admitting that. My single serving maker is my next best friend, one button away from a nice hot cup of steaming awesomeness. Love the convenience of single servings, but it also has me scrambling to find a really good pods for the machine , which brings me to a wonderful new brand I had the privilege of tasting! Family owned Community Coffee, is now my go to coffee in the morning.

Did you know this company has been around for over 95 years!? How have I not heard about his company or coffee? I have no idea but glad to find it. The Family  owned business, all started in Baton Rouge. Cap Saurage opened a county store to sell some coffee and other items to his neighbors. His coffee was the best tasting, and he knew this by his friends and family that he served too daily. It set the stage for his successful start in the business and still to this day, generations later, the family is still carrying on the idea behind the start of it- serving the community with the best quality coffee out there, hence the name Community Coffee. 

Before I even get to the taste of the coffee I need to share an amazing thing this company does. They are offering a wonderful way to support our troops who serve our country . How? By serving them coffee of course! The program is called Military Match, which partners with families to support their loved ones who are currently serving. How does it work? You buy your favorite Military Match set of bagged coffee, the company will then match your 4, and add 4 to send a total of (8) to the APO/FPO or military base you provide along with a matching free mug! Awesome right? Just one more reason to love this company!

Perfect way to start a day!

Perfect way to start a day!

I was able to taste two single serving K pod cups of Community Coffee. Breakfast blend, which is my favorite, nice rich, bold strong. It’s a medium blend, just perfect. The second blend was the the Golden Caramel which really surprised me. Not one to get flavors as I said, I like just the solid rich taste of coffee, so the Golden Caramel was a nice surprise. It’s almost buttery actaully, a hint of caramel.  Don’t even like caramel and I loved this! It was a really nice blend , one I would pick up again and again, it reminded me of one of those candies my grandparents always had. Butter caramels, I think they were, this is a really well flavored blend that got me hooked. 

House Blend, medium roast is my go to each morning!

Breakfast Blend, medium roast is my go to each morning!

Each carton( box)  holds 18 pods, 18 wonderful mornings started off right!  They have several other blends, including Pimpkin Praline, because come on it’s the fall and what’s fall without pumpkin flavored everything? Other amazing blends, House Blend which is a must to try, nice bold, they have dark roasts and light, there’s a blend for everyone. The company strives to bring you the best coffee in the world and they do it by selecting the best coffee beans from around the world. Most their farms they hand pick the beans from are also family owned so the community principle the company started on, branches out not just by serving but the own process. It’s a wonderful story behind a cup of coffee.  

 If you haven’t heard, or even seen about Community Coffee, I encourage you to head on over to their site, I linked them way up above. You can learn more about the Military Match, check out all the other flavors and blends the company has. Easy to shop right there as well, coffee right to your door! 

*I received the following product(s) to review. I was not required to write a positive review no other monetary compensation was given . Any and all opinions are my own.


19 thoughts on “Back to School with Community Coffee

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I am a complete coffee addict! I have never tried Community Coffee before, but I want to try it after reading this.

  2. Carlee C

    I actually had Community Coffee for breakfast this am, it was BOGO at Publix. The Breakfast Blend is delicious and perfect with my favorite Vanilla Creamer and Milk..

  3. Jamie

    Never heard of this brand before, but I will definitely be checking them out – any company that supports our troops like that, and I’m in!! 🙂

  4. Jeanine

    I have never heard of Community coffee before. I’m not a coffee drinker, my husband is but I will have to see if he has either. If we can get it here I’ll have to get him to try it out!

  5. Lisa Rios

    I love coffee so much & yes I am also very much picky about choosing the best one. Community Coffee is something new for me, but looks like a great brand to give a try.

  6. Chrysa

    That’s great that they have it available in so many forms now. I think I have only seen it when I was on vacation. Will see if I spot it at the store now!

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