DIY Chalkboard

Work is still underway through the house and there’s items being weeded through. Half of it I can’t seem to part with because there’s way to reuse or – upcycle it. Of course if there’s no further use it gets tossed, which plenty has but I came across a old busted up white board that couldn’t be cleaned anymore. It was scratched, tinted no matter what was used to clean it, so I took what was on hand and made it into a chalkboard.

Somewhere down the line I had bought this blackboard contact paper ( Was thinking in the future apparently when I did this) anyhow, found it unpacking and it was perfect for this quick project.

 A few things I found out- It doesn’t stick to wood, or untreated wood at least. Doesn’t stick to textured walls, and does stick to mirrors. Flat shiny surfaces? Works fine. You can peel it back off but it’s not ideal as it will lose the stickiness. 


To the project, it’s pretty straight forwards-

Clean the surface you want to use the paper on


Measure out the surface, and then cut the paper- double check! 

Start a the corner and slowly peel the back layer off and smooth it down, move it slowly as you peel do not just peel it all and smack it down- you will regret this. Start small, start slow. As you peel more back keep smoothing it down, you can pull it up and remove air bubbles but moving slowly is ideal, and try not to keep peeling it back up . The adhesive will lose the stickiness . 


You are ready to use the board!  This became my youngest daughters spelling list board, each week we put the new words up so every time she passes by she can read them. It would work great for calender’s, weekly reminders, grocery list, dinner menu, or even a chore list! 



I have no idea where I got the chalkboard paper , I know many craft stores have them as well as, it’s not very much either so it’s a fun little thing to have around, just look for a roll of chalkboard self adhesive contact paper and you will be set to get crafting! 

22 thoughts on “DIY Chalkboard

  1. Daisy

    This is such a fun idea, especially for my 5 year old. We are starting chores for a school project and this board would be nice to track things.

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    You make it look so easy 😉 I would actually love a chalk board to work on math with my little man.

  3. Jamie

    Wow, chalkboard paper would have been a lot easier than the paint that I had to do!! Love that. What a great idea for the kitchen or craft area! 🙂

  4. Ashley Gill

    I need to give this a go! Chalk boards are so much fun, and you made this look like its as easy as snapping your fingers. My daughter would flip if I pulled this off!

  5. Annemarie LeBlanc

    This is a great idea for helping kids with schoolwork, for posting reminders for the kids and also for “reminders to self.” I will have to look for this chalkboard paper and make something like yours too.

  6. Mellissa Hansk

    How fun 😀 we tried the paint on an old one it didn’t work so well I will have to try this

  7. Lisa Rios

    Such a wonderful idea which looks simple but worthy enough. This could be a great resource at home for my kids so I can teach them something when ever they need some help. A great DIY work indeed.

  8. maria s.

    I love this for my nieces. I don’t know if I will pull it off as well as you did, but this is going to be my project for the weekend. Hopefully it’s a success!

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