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“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Boys & Girls Club of America. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

As a mother of four I try to keep my kids constantly learning, not just for school keeping their grades up, but everything. Life. There’s a lot to teach the kids, they are constantly growing, constantly learning. Just as we are, and it’s important to help instill the basic while they are young. If they start young are in the habit or , being open minded, eating healthy, making good choices, chances are they will continue it throughout their lives. We as parents don’t just instill it on the kids, they learn, we influence them so we are what they look at to grow up and be, which makes it even more important that we try to help our kids grow, not just in one area, but all. Mind, body and soul! 

Boys & Girls Clubs of America Triple play does just this, their program is sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company and the Anthem Foundation,    there to encourage us to keep shaping our children’s future ! What is Triple Play? Triple play is a program made up of different fundamentals of getting the family out and active, whether it be , mind, body or soul. It teaches you to think, creative, be and stay active . You can head on over here and check out the program but I’ll talk a little about it.  

 The Triple play, Mind and Soul keeping their characters strong, and help build them up, devolve good social skills and boost their confidence up! Keeping the body healthy is important, so teaching kids healthy choices about food should be a daily thing to focus on. Keeping hydrated, and picking good foods over the junk. 

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I always teach the kids about healthy eating habits, and we’re constantly on point with that, but a lot of kids aren’t these days. It’s a huge issue these days, it’s not just that they are able to pick up the junk food so easily and don’t know the options of picking healthier but it’s also because they just aren’t getting the needed activity needed day to day. They aren’t pushed to get out and be active, more and more kids are sitting at computers, or on their phones, instead of going outside and playing at the park or just with neighbors. the statistics are insane! I won’t even get into it, the numbers are frightening to hear , here’s one-  3 out of 10 kids are either close to obese or already are. 3 out of 10.  This is how programs like the Triple Play can help change it, help more kids not become a statistic and stay actively healthy. Not just eat healthy, but in the whole. Get out there, build confidence, healthy habits all around.  


Challenge Time! 

  So what we picked for  For Triple play was try out the Basketball challenge. Full details through the link listed above but the outline of it is a daily challenge! Challenge the family to get out and play each day, mix up the games and potions, while at the same time picking up new skills along the way. We tried a few of the outlined games, blindfold throws, picking points on the backboard and aiming for it, or learning how to pass off the ball and be a team. That one was the tricky one, everyone wanted the ball, everyone wanted to make the shot. But we got through the motions, and the best one they liked was the one shot competition. you pick points around the court and try to shoot and make the shot. They do this every night so we try to switch it up, have them turn backwards or shoot from siting down. Make it interesting, challenging, a way to get creative with it! 

You build so much charterer and confidence through daily activity, it doesn’t matter if it’s a sport, or just walking around , talking, you get them moving, mind, body or soul and you are helping them build a wonderful strong confidence character for them to continue on in their life with. Keep the kids active, be supportive in healthy choices and talk to the kids. Create interesting , aim for 60 minutes of any kind of activity and get them moving. Half the kids these days don’t even meet that minimal recommendations , so get out there, pick a challenge yourself for the family and become strong, healthier with your Mind, Body and Soul! 


Check out the Triple Play Program here and read through it, it gives you so many ideas on how to work through each of the ideas in case you need them, plenty of different activities to change up a simple game and make it more interesting, even a place to write in your journey at the end of it! It’s very helpful and full of amazing tips to use! 

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Boys & Girls Club of America. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

16 thoughts on “Triple Play for Mind, Body , and Soul #TriplePlay10

  1. Catherine S

    This sounds like a great program. I try to keep my son as active as I can. We do a lot of outdoor family activities.

  2. Jennifer Williams

    I think it is horrible that so many children are not taught good eating habits these days. It is not like in the older days when we did not have the knowledge we have now. What a great program.

  3. Dogvills

    I think this is an awesome program, not just for the kids, but for the whole family. Teaching good eating habits can be a challenge especially when the kids spend more time outside the house.

  4. Ann Bacciaglia

    The Triple Play Program sounds amazing. My kids were always very active when they were younger. They were always on different teams. It is so important to keep kids active.

  5. Rosey

    My son’s second grade room doesn’t have outside recess. They have a huge playground and they don’t use it. They stay in and use the computers or have free play. -_-

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