Finding Motivation by being in the Now

We all seek motivation at times for many reasons. It’s not always easy, but as I mentioned yesterday about changing your focus, it really is all within your reach- You just need to believe it. Don’t stress that you actaully have to work for it either, sometimes that’s what it will take, and soon enough it won’t just become easy but a habit to find the focus. 

One of the biggest challenges is actaully being in the Now.  Two weeks ago, something bad happened, someone upset you, they still irk you with what they said or did- it makes you upset ! You’re lost in the past, a painful past, you just gave up a happy moment for something that was done and said already. Can you change what was said? Change what was done? No! So why are you still letting it bother you Now

Feeling anxious and stressed, worrying about being able to do something and thinking you won’t do it correctly? You’re lost in the future. You are so worried about failing, even before you tried, so stressed and anxious about something you haven’t even begun yet! A situation in which you aren’t even in, and yet, you let it take over and take your happiness away. 

Be Here Now. What this means is right around you, be open to what’s going on. Do what is within your reach, right that very second. Be ok with letting go of the past, be ok with working towards the furture, but don’t get lost in the stresses that aren’t even happening in the moment.

A lot of motivation is lost in not being able to let go of the past, and not being able to let go of the future events you have no control over just yet. Time and Energy has been LOST! While you can make choices and take steps towards the future, controlling it beyond that is not in your reach, it really isn’t. What is within your reach is one step at a time, and after that another. Focus on what is directly before you~ that first step forwards. 

Don’t lose any more time, or energy within the moment. Moment to moment we can choose where we go, it is always up to us, and it’s all within us to do so. If you find yourself feeling anxious, or depressed, worried about something, take a deep breath in, and let it out. Do it again. Take another few breaths and realize where your thoughts are and step back into the Now. 

Be more aware of where you stand, where your thoughts are going. Take a deep breath and change your focus back to what is before you; taking control over the moment you’re actaully in, not anything else, as You Only Have Now, so stop wasting it! 




3 thoughts on “Finding Motivation by being in the Now

  1. Elizabeth O

    Yes, indeed. We must be fully present in our own lives to effect change and grow. May we all experience that awareness in 2017. 🙂

  2. Dana

    Yes. I used to always live with one step in the future and it took a lot of discipline to slow down and appreciate what was going on around me, right now, but that’s where everything I love is!

  3. Neely Moldovan

    Im not great about being in the now. Always thinking about whats next, what needs to be done etc

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