Stop being someone else and Be YOU!

One of the biggest mistakes of all times is being who you are NOT

People often change something about themselves just to fit in with others. With four kids I’ve seen this pattern plenty of times over. Adults do it just the same, try and alter themselves for whomever because they feel they are lacking, when in truth~ They aren’t lacking anything. I remember trying to fit in a couple times as a kid, but once I was ” in” I still felt completely out of it and not at all happy. Fact is, I wasn’t part of the group, because I wasn’t truly me. It was awkward and very unrewarding to try and form to another persons vision of me. 

The problem is our focus being on the other person(s) , their view, their opinion, even their happiness, but that makes us unhappy. We hold back from being who we really are out of fear of what others will think of us, holding their opinion of us higher than our very own. 

People pleasing hides the Real You. Drop the act. We need to stop pretending to be someone we are not, and start accepting who we really are.  We are our own passions, our own opinions, thoughts, views and visions. We are unique in every-way, and we should be proud of that, not trying to dim it down for others. 
Be proud of who we are inside and out. Once we can do this, accept ourselves and love ourselves for who we are, the right people will come along and see us , appreciate us for who we are and love us for who we really are. 

While it can be scary even overwhelming at first it’s important to always be Yourself. Whether you’re trying to make new friends or even mend old relationships, never start with a lie which includes pretending to be someone you’re not. Don’t let the fear of someone not liking you stop you from being yourself in anyway. True friends will see you for who you are, like you, and not want you to change in anyway, Loving You for You. 

7 thoughts on “Stop being someone else and Be YOU!

  1. Neely Moldovan

    ITs so hard sometimes to truly be yourself. But I lvoe this message because its so important!

  2. Jolina

    Truth! I don’t think I’ve ever struggled with not being me (needless to say I was not a very popular child haha) but then I gained real friends, those who love me as me. It’s a little bit (a lot??) more difficult as an adult but the importance of staying true to yourself does not change.

  3. Anita Anderson

    This is so true. We must stop trying to be someone else and be ourselves all the time. Everyone has struggled with this from time to time.

  4. Lisa Rios

    I always love being myself no matter what the situation is. At any stay staying positive and being stong on what you are is something will take you to bigger heights in life.

  5. Jessica Harlow

    These are wise words and are important for children and adults both to learn. We will always be faced with learning more about ourselves as we get older and it’s smart to embrace what we know about ourselves and own it instead of hiding it away.

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