Was it Really a Bad Day?

Let’s face it- We can be just as bad as a toddler throwing a tantrum. One bad thing happens and bam! The day is the worst, and we’re not shy about making everyone know it’s bad. 

Or so we make it to be bad. It’s not a bad day, it was just a bad incident , a moment or two. More often than not, when one bad thing happens, we turn into grumps, and our outlook goes down hill. Nothing seems right, nothing looks good, nothing sounds good, you’re frustrated , upset and you feel like you’re going to make a handful of more mistakes, the list goes on! 

Cut it Out !

Yes, bad things happen, yes rough times aren’t easy but they aren’t meant to be easy. We can face anything that comes our way , we just don’t think we can and give up far too easily. Without even trying. That’s where the mistake was made- thinking that there’s nothing beyond that bad moment and the rest will all become just as bad. Well, honestly if that’s where you’re thoughts are going- that’s what’s going to happen. 

Your Thoughts shape the day, and You become what You Believe.

Take a deep breath, step back and calm down. Repeat it until you aren’t angry or grumbling to yourself and can focus beyond what had gone wrong. Once you can focus , take an even more deeper breath and realize bad things happen, but they do not rule your life. Focus on the good in the moment, can’t find the good? Keep breathing! 

The problem is Your Thoughts .

Change your Focus, change your Perspective .  When something bad happens take a deep breath, dust yourself off and move forwards with a positive outlook. Change the focus of your thoughts . Look at the good in the situation. Focusing on the bad does nothing but make you more miserable. Changing the focus of thoughts will not magically make things disappear but it will help you deal with the situation with an open mind and more calmly. Bad things have happened before, you got through them, you’ve felt rotten before but you felt better – it may seem unbearable but it Will Pass. 

We all do it, don’t beat yourself up for it. It happens, but You can stop it. The next time you find yourself in a moment of frustration try taking a step back and breathing . Switch the focus of your thoughts , change the way you are approaching the situation and try again, but do not approach the same way with the same bad attitude- you stand to repeat being miserable. 

Stop dragging yourself through your own misery. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and take a deep breath, then move forwards. You can still have an amazing day, It‘s just up to You to Make It

8 thoughts on “Was it Really a Bad Day?

  1. Terry

    Every Day could be a bad day if we wanted to find the bad in it. I am with you! Don’t beat yourself up, move on and make it a GREAT day.

  2. Catherine Sargent

    This is a great post and reminder. I know that I have been guilty of doing this. Next time the day starts off bad, I am going to try to move on and turn it into a good day!

  3. Elizabeth O

    True…. dealing with annoying situations that linger can put a wrench in anyone’s day. I gain perspective by doing my breathing exercises and going into solution mode; even small steps can help shift the mood a bit.

  4. Audrey

    I love these images!!! It is amazing how much just a short time span can really affect your whole day, when it wasn’t really a big portion.

  5. Marielle Altenor

    I love this! I think we all get bad days. It’s how we react to our situations that really matters. I try to shift my focus to something positive whenever I have crappy days.

  6. Jhumki Nag

    All the points you told are so true and really inspiring. Sometime in actual life it becomes hard to follow these but hope I can remember a few!!

  7. Jimmy and Tina

    Great quotes, it’s all about perception, I have had both, some really just all around bad days and sometimes it’s just a bad 5 minutes, but pretty good about getting over it quickly and being happy šŸ™‚

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