When it Rains, It Pours

We have all heard the saying ” When it Rains, it Pours.” The meaning, is simple- something difficult happens with more difficult situations following not soon after overwhelming us all at once. 

The entire statement makes most of us all stiffen a little, shift a shoulder and grimace, we’ve all been through it. Now, what if you changed your perspective on the entire statement? 

Everything starts with a thought, then it becomes action. In the middle of a bad or difficult situation we each have the ability and chance to make a choice on how we handle things. So if the statement ” When it Rains , It Pours” makes you grimace- chances are you had situations in which you could have handled differently. 

When difficult situations arise we have an opportunity to learn and grow, no matter what is happening, we’re meant to take something out of the moment- a Lesson. Instead of grimacing at a full load of difficulties, face them as Challenges.

Replace the harsh words in your mind with lighter words and it triggers your brain to take more of a positive action. A form of Self encouragement simply by changing out hard words that tend to weighs us all down. 

You’ve got a problem? Change it to  “I have a Challenge.” 

Facing difficulties ? Change it to ” I’m facing obstacles. “

 You can go around obstacles, it’s an obstacle! There are always ways around obstacles, and so once you switch the way you’re looking at the situation,  you’re brain starts to take action in finding a way to solve the question ” How to get around” . Same with Challenges. Challenges are engaging, and once you switch the word ” Problem”  out with “Challenge” your brain takes on a different view of the situation. You get a little boost of an ” I can do this. ” attitude in which you want to take on the challenge. 

Storms pass, they always do. Don’t weigh yourself down with the harshness of things, lighten up on yourself and believe that you can face anything that comes your way- because You Can and You Will.

Positive attitudes yield positive results , whether rain or pouring, you will be rewarded at the end of it. So the next time ” When it Rains, It Pours…”  Think ” I can’t wait to see what good things pour in next !” 

7 thoughts on “When it Rains, It Pours

  1. Ken Payne Jr

    That’s my girl. Your Mom and I love you so much. Anytime you feel it is raining or poring, just look at your 4 bundles of sunshine, look at the great pictures you have taken of them, remember the hikes they have taken with you. How could you not see the Son shining through.


  2. Neely Moldovan

    You have the right attitude. We all go through times like this but having a positive attitude will see you through!

  3. Carrie

    You are definitely right that positive attitudes yield positive results. I am a half full cup of a girl and always try to find the positive in situations. Sometimes its hard but it really helps my attitude in the long run.

  4. Toughcookiemommy

    I definitely believe that you have to find the good in any situation and grow from it. That is now always easy in the moment when you are going through a difficult time.

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