Direct Your Energy Elsewhere

It is so easy for us all to become overwhelmed, upset, or frustrated when things aren’t going well around us. Difficult times aren’t ever welcomed or wanted in our lives, and while we end up blaming life itself,  the real culprit ~ Is Ourselves. 

When problems surface our minds usually go straight towards a negative reaction, after all who would shout whoohoo bad things are happening to me, right?  So we agree, our minds tend to go towards a negative reaction right away. We focus quickly on all the negative things, all the things going wrong, all the ways we cannot progress forwards or even move from a tough time, but by doing this ~ We have created a negative blind box around ourselves. 

If we see no way out- well that is what we just created- No Way Out.   

The mistake is in the energy being poured into the problem, not the solution or possibilities. We see how many ways something will not work, and never how many ways it could work, and in doing so we feel stuck, trapped, boxed in by our own problems. We make ourselves blind to everything but the problem itself. 

You must remember that if you continue to pour your energy and focus into the problem itself you won’t ever see beyond that. You generally end up creating more problems for yourself, and solutions seem even further away . 

Redirect Your Energy

Problems, and Solutions are very different, and on two very different levels of energies. So when you pour your energy into negative ( problems) you attract even more negative things. If your focus is on positives  (possibilities/solutions) more opportunities become available to you. 

Thoughts are energy, and very powerful, we can create, or we can destroy. Where your thoughts go , your energy goes. Every thought, every emotion, and every action is a vibrational energy frequency. We each have the ability to change our thoughts minute to minute, it is always up to us, and you can create success or failure all within yourself. 

 Are you projecting positive energies or are you projecting negative energies?  Choose your thoughts, feelings and actions wisely and be part of the positive change. 


5 thoughts on “Direct Your Energy Elsewhere

  1. Marielle Altenor

    I have two kids, and the last thing I want to do is direct my anger at them unwillingly. When I’m upset I find that being alone for a few minutes helps. Listening to music and writing helps me too.

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